Sunday Thoughts

Today we blessed Mark. It was really nice to see the people that visited us from Souderton. I can't believe how far people drove to see our baby. It made me feel special. Right before the blessing Mark was acting a little hungry and I realized I forgot his medicine. I decided to go home after sacrament and give it to him. He threw up on me right as I was going to feed him. His blessing outfit didn't even last two hours before it was soaking wet. I was glad I was at home because it's easier to change your entire outfit when you get thrown up on from home but I was sad to miss church. You don't meet people you don't see because you are at your nice house with your fantastic washer and dryer. At least I made it for some time.
Mark and Sara helped us rearrange our furniture. They clearly have skills because I love it. And they make awesome sandwiches. After everyone left Danielle said she was sad because Lucy went home. All her friends were gone- especially Lucy. Danielle has actually named her bed Lucy's bed because we set it up for Lucy and Aida and Maya before Danielle ever slept in it. After comforting her about her friends I sat in my newly organized room by the fire and talked to John. Sara took some pictures from the day of the blessing and here are some of them- I saved the best ones for Sara but included a rare Janae photo. I tend to hate all photos that I am in but here it is with the first outfit of three I wore today.

sivab (November 9, 2009 at 10:35 AM)  

Good to see you guys, feel free to post any pix you want for all of your adoring fans.

Carlie Madsen (November 9, 2009 at 10:38 AM)  

Janae: I want to see more Janae look great! And baby Mark is getting big. His face is filling out more. Yay for blessing days!

mablebrown (November 14, 2009 at 5:38 PM)  

Janae, you are beautiful...and so is Mark!

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