Saturday List

The potty charts are up but we haven't made much progress. I have to be a little more calm than normal or poor Danielle will be scarred for life. This morning she woke up at 6 after Mark went to bed at 4. So like any good parent I gave her a bowl full of Trix. She wanted her picture taken but has apparently entered that phony smile phase of life. My life isn't really interesting enough to blog about. So here is my list of things for the weekend
1. clean my bathrooms
2. take a nap
3. vacuum downstairs
4. clean kitchen floor
5. package etsy items and put them in the basement
6. run three miles
7. return shelves to HomeDepot
8. Hang pictures in my bedroom
9. make bed in the guest room. Maybe I should take a nap in that bed- it is super comfy
10. print wholesale shop order from
11. call Mounifa and Jen
12. Do 2 loads of Laundry
13. Clean Danielle's room
14. Make 2 blankets
15. Hang up Drapes in Guest room
16. Paint laundry closet
17. Vacuum upstairs
18. take pictures of my kids
19. buy tickets to utah in March
20. go through Mark's clothes and put away the ones that don't fit him anymore.
21. Help Danielle go potty.

I just didn't want to leave a pity party at the top of my blog for too long.

NaDell (January 23, 2010 at 3:01 PM)  

That's quite an ambitious list, especially after sleeping for two hours. I say to take off the things that you don't HAVE to do today and put them on a list to get done by the end of the week.
I think I would start potty training on a Monday instead of Saturday too. Then, she'll have all week before going to church being newly trained....
Good LUCK!

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