Well, Danielle was officially better at growing hair on the top of her head and Mark is officially better at biting his hands. The last few days have been really rough. Mark decided to become completely nocturnal- after staying up until 7:00 one morning I wondered why I had deleted all my recorded programs the night before and why I didn't just let him cry it out. He slept all day though. I think they are working in shifts to make sure one of them always knows what is going on. I always thought Danielle was more active than Mark and I think I was right- she rolled around at his age and could hold herself up a little. Mark holds his head up pretty reliably though and sometimes half rolls over. He is just a little more laid back.
So far Danielle has fed Austin lots of food this week- every time I feed the baby or go to the bathroom she heads straight for the pantry. Being completely exhausted has helped me be more relaxed. I am too tired to get anything done so today we built a fort out of all the furniture I could put together in the living room. We have storage ottomans and if you take the lids off they make great tunnel building pieces.
I think we are nearing crisis mode with the sleep. Too bad when Mark is awake crying everyone wakes up.
In other news I started being more active on Twitter which I think is great fun, and I'm finally getting pictures on the wall. At least the pictures that didn't fall on my foot today and shatter all over the fireplace. Those ones not so much. Rule of life: don't hang photos very high when you are exhausted. Also do eat lots of cookies.

I like my kids.

Carlie Madsen (January 27, 2010 at 11:35 PM)  

I'm sorry about your sleepless nights!!! I really wish I could stay up all night with Mark once or twice to let you sleep. Your babies sure are cute. Elijah is pretty chill too, he hasn't shown much interest in rolling over.

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