Good Morning

When did Sleep become the greatest gift anyone could give me? Danielle is currently inviting me to come sit with her and watch a show. I hate her shows. They make me want to poke my eyes out. Did you know that kid shows are unbearable? If she ever goes into another room I turn the shows off. I wish I could turn on the television and have her watch it in the morning while I sleep. But she does lots of other non-approved things- like finding the hidden scissors and cutting things up, or opening the pantry and feeding all the cereal she can find to the dog, or unlocking the deadbolt and letting herself outside to play. As someone who has photo evidence that I woke up early and covered myself and lots of other surfaces with Sharpie marker I know how excited she must be about these activities.
Why is it that yesterday when I said I couldn't find the scissors Danielle said "wait wait wait- just a sec" and produced them in under two minutes? Also after you build a fort and leave it that fort will deteriorate into a HUGE MESS. I knew it would happen and it did.
When we lived closer to family sometimes people would watch Danielle. Like anyone who had a young baby we would tell them we were going on a date, drive back to our apartment and sleep the entire time they were watching her. I don't live close to family anymore but I keep trying to figure out how I could invite someone over to watch the kids then go upstairs and sleep. I could feed Mark when he wakes up and then go right back to bed because they would hold him/play with him. Maybe they would swiffer my kitchen floor, or disassemble the living room fort.
John watched the baby a lot of the night last night while I sat in bed thinking I must have some kind of infection. No- just a cold and exhaustion. I realized yesterday that I must be easier to wake up than John. He watched Danielle and Mark while I took a nap and when I woke up he told me how hard it was to keep Danielle from waking me up. Some mornings I try to get Danielle to wake up John and she always refuses. "Daddy sleeping- he real tired." is what I get if she actually goes upstairs at all. I try almost every weekend. I don't enjoy waking him up- the man is GROUCHY when he wakes up. (although the grouchy he is now is much smaller than when we first got married). I guess the refusal to wake people up doesn't extend to mommy.
Anyway I love sleep. I made it a love poster.
now maybe I will get some sleep before John leaves for school.

NaDell (January 29, 2010 at 12:13 PM)  

Time for chain locks on the doors! Yikes! (I should warn you that we got them and I went to shower one summer morning, telling the kids I would be right back and not to answer the phone or door-like I normally do-and when I came back out everything was the same except for the chain lock. I asked my oldest (who was 3 or 4) what happened and she said that she moved the stool from the counter over to the door to unlock it in case someone came over-our neighbor boy used to come over in the summer mornings. Great. She didn't do it after that, but it freaked me out!
I might need that poster later this year if we have a baby by then. For now, I really have no excuse that I stay up too late and craft instead of sleep.

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