Dear Friend

Dear Friends,

If any of you have read the Love Languages Book you would know that Christmas is a special time for one love language. The Gift givers. I like that one of the biggest seasons of the year is dedicated to my love language. I love getting things for people. I would be Santa Claus if I could. When people tell me they don't like giving presents I never quite understand what they are talking about. Do you not love other people? Don't you look at anything and have it remind you of someone? Do you never listen to what other people like? Just ask yourself- what would make them happy? I like to get people presents that remind me of them and that they wouldn't buy for themselves. If I have a hard time (JEN R.) then I just get them something I want myself. Lucky for me I want A LOT of things. I think it's pretty hard to get me a present I don't like. Actually I think it's only happened once or twice, because the presents were REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE.
This year we are trying to teach Danielle to give other people presents. Mostly to distract her from just wanting everything in sight. We went to Target the other day to pick a present for someone else's birthday and she wanted to get them a tiny little car and get herself a powered bike and a Princess doll assortment and some candy and another doll and I didn't even go near the other aisles. I guess she has a long way to go in the think about others department. It just doesn't excite her like I was hoping it would. I like her complete lack of ability to think of what other people would like. We asked her what to get her gymnastics teacher. He gets a sit and spin according to Danielle. She wants one as well.

The rest of you can expect ponies. My Little Ponies. For every holiday ever. I do love me a my little pony. Unless you are one of the select few- then you might want a princess or a Pinkalicious book.

I think I'm starting to understand how parents sometimes give children's toys for birthdays.
But I still feel like a hairy ball toy is a gag gift.

Carlie Madsen (December 1, 2010 at 1:07 AM)  

I was going to leave a brilliant comment, but my cold won't let me. Wanted to let you know I read it and that you are awesome! Happy favorite time of year. I saw Christmas lights as I drug myself to the store to get more meds...the twinkling lights managed to pierce my congested soul and helped me feel a small bit of christmas cheer. LOL.

sivab (December 1, 2010 at 7:10 PM)  

I am a terrible gift giver but I did think of you and buy you a gag gift yesterday. I am just debating whether I should send it to you or wait for a welcome and thanks for visiting gift.

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