Christmas Lists

I'm convinced that Christmas lists are the best thing ever invented. For example at Macy's you can go drop you letter to Santa off and tell him what you want- there is a big mail box. So for the last little while every time Danielle has asked for something I tell her she should tell Santa what she wants.
The other day John sat down with Danielle to write her Christmas list.

Danielle's Christmas list so far:
Tree House
5 pinkalicious bocks. No 6. or more.
Toy Trap with Woody and Buzz
A Meal at Mc McDonalds
A Scooter Like Penny's
A Girl Hat
A pop up fire truck and American Girl dog (added a few days later as she looked at a catalog)

I loved her descriptions- and that I knew what some of the more cryptic toy requests were.
Too bad she's not going to get that tree house though- we drew up some basic plans and priced out the lumber at a little over $1000.00. Maybe I'll draw her a picture of one.
She is also helping us pick out toys for other people. She wants to get her gymnastics teacher a sit and spin. And for her best friends? that's right- Ponies. or Pinkalicious.

We may or may not have read pinkalicious right before she wrote her list.

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