Challenge Myself

child update- mark has been walking for two weeks now. So different than Danielle! I think she walked 5 months earlier than he did. Kiddos are fun- Danielle saved her allowance and bought a pillow and carried it with her everywhere for a few days. Like a security blanket.

Well it's been a month and I haven't posted every day.
But the month of positive posts is over. When it comes down to rainbows ponies and unicorns it's time to stop. Plus my aunt told me I'm more negative when I'm positive so... I have to say I have had more negative thoughts this month than ever before in my life. Now that I've decided it is over I am thinking positive things again. Like that I LOVE antibiotics. I am convinced that whoever invented them is going straight to heaven. I had a sinus infection this week and I was mean to my mom while she visited because I didn't feel good but now I think I will be able to sleep without pain killer and sudafed tonight. I am so happy about getting medicine. I'm happy I went to the doctor and got medicine. I am happy that when I went to the dentist they told me I don't have any cavities. I'm glad my mom got to come visit because I missed her.

We did all sorts of projects- if only my mom lived close to me I think my productivity would quadruple. Plus she was making bread with me, which tasted fabulous.

Well this positive blog post for a month has been a little bit more challenging than some of my other challenges- but it's my first on the good old family blog. the other challenges I've done are the challenge to make something every day and the challenge to make a treasury every day. I finished the make something every day challenge after 28 days- Like February you know- and I am on day 22 of the treasury challenge- a treasury is a collection of 16 items on Etsy that go together. That's how they pick what items will be on the front page- every hour etsy picks from a member curated treasury and those items are on the front page. I think it's interesting to see what I'm drawn to.

I already have an idea for my month challenge next month. I got the idea of Christine Smith who used to live in this area but moved to Delaware- she did it for a while.

NaDell (November 10, 2010 at 2:41 AM)  

Yea for late walkers!!! Seriously, it's much easier that way. Our third was a little later too and it just gave us a little more time to put the first two kids' toys up higher. It is a pain to have them hanging on you though or wanting to be carried.
That looks like a pretty squishy pillow. Is it one of those with the foamy balls of stuffing? AND I don't blame her for wanting to carry around a pillow. You never know when you might need a nap. Ha, I bet she naps a lot, right? Well at least she will be comfortable if she needs to lay down for a little bit. =)

Carlie Madsen (November 10, 2010 at 10:49 AM)  

There was a direct correlation between the time Elijah finally mastered walking and the time that Elijah finally slept through the night. Oh, and it helped that he had finally cut his molars. Kids are all different and cute. Elijah has a cold this week, and he is coughing and sneezing on everything. We have a game where we cover our mouth and pretend to sneeze, but it hasn't translated to real sneezes.I also did a mom and baby workout video, and Elijah wasn't that into it. The video included younger babies and older toddlers..kind of missed the 12-18 mo demographic....I wonder why. LOL. More pics of Mark please! Maybe a video of him walking!

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