Insomnia and Sick Kiddos.

Tonight Danielle and I are up. she has a cold. I have some weird pain in my face. Just the left side. I think it's my sinus and I just hope that it's not from my teeth. Se we are eating a snack and watching little bill on TV. Time to make my Christmas List!
Middle of the night Christmas Lists are the best. You can imagine how thrilled I was when someone asked me the other day what I wanted. It was my sister. Bless her awesome heart!
I find making a Christmas list almost as exciting as actually getting the presents- plus I get to spend A LOT more money on my imaginary list.

My Christmas List:
1. Darling dipping dishes from HopeJohnson on Etsy
2. Kate Spade China in June Lane Gold
3. Barnes and Noble gift cards.
4. Brown High Heels size 8.5. I can't seem to find a pair. With closed toes.
5. Minky Fabric from
6. Laminated Cotton fabric like Nicey Jane or Michael Miller or Amy Butler (or any cute oilcloth fabric)
7. Echino fabric I like SuperBuzzy to get it. I want some of the new ones SO MUCH. I don't have any of the Fall 2010 fabric and it makes me sad.
8. A Serger.
9. The Living Room Painted.
10. The garage painted. I know that sounds silly but I love the idea of a painted garage.
11. Stockholm products from the containerstore like the drawer.
12. A deck.
13. Amy Butler rug- Wallflower large rug. wow it's beautiful. and expensive.
14. To go to the Biggest Loser Resort. I've been watching the show with my friend Suzy and I think it would blow my mind. in a good way.
15. A bound cookbook with my mom's recipes- complete ones, not the drafts.
16. A white tub instead of the yellow one.
17. A stereo for the basement.
18. A new computer- with CS5 from photoshop- or lightroom.
19. A clean house that someone else cleaned.
20. Board Games. I love them SO MUCH.

End Positive Post #20

Sarah (November 9, 2010 at 9:26 PM)  

Brown heels:

Sofft are super comfortable. I'm liable to want a pair myself, and I hardly ever wear heels.

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