Modified Thanksgiving Menu

Since everyone in my family is now sick I have decided to revise my Thanksgiving menu.
For Me: Peppermint Popcorn I made with Claire. Lots of it.

For Everyone:
Saltine Crackers
Pedialyte Popsicles

Last time Danielle had to flu she got REALLY dehydrated. I've also never dealt with a breastfeeding baby who has the flu- I was doing really good trying to wean him and he isn't keeping much of anything down so should I keep trying to wean and throw more saltines at him? Because this baby DOES NOT CARE for saltines. I read this article about how you should continue breastfeeding so the push to wean is going to get moved back again. Do you ever feel like life looks at your well made plans and laughs at you? It took me such a long time to come to the decision to wean Mark and I've been so wishy washy about it. How. When. Where- these questions are much less solid than it was to decide to breastfeed. I had to work so hard to be able to do it I never thought about how it would end. Although just like with breastfeeding I appreciate the crap loads of unsolicited advice I've received. he he- and the solicited advice. why is it that the people who are the most opinionated and pushy are the one's you don't actually ask?
Overall I think Mark has moved backwards in terms of weaning- from 4 times a day back to I don't know how many but I know I've done three loads of throw up laundry today. John has also done some, before he joined the sickies.
My kids are so sick and sad. Danielle wanted me to hold her but at one point she smelled too bad so she got to take a bath first. Danielle learned to swish water around her mouth to get the bad taste out. she wanted to go to bed tonight. She also made it to the bathroom several times to throw up and I'm really proud of her. Mark has had several baths.

Oh well- it gives me more time to make the rainbow jello Danielle wanted, and explains why I felt so sick all week. Sometimes when you think you could be accidentally pregnant it is really the flu. Other times just your standard monthly crazy paranoia.

Still good to keep lots of pregnancy tests on hand. and Saltine crackers.

NaDell (November 25, 2010 at 2:21 AM)  

Sorry they are all sick. You'll have to have a make-up Thanksgiving Day.
When I'm sick, I hate throwing up the toilet, so I use a big bowl (reserved for sickies) and then flush it. It works better for the kids and they don't throw up on the carpet as much. I hate when they are tiny and can't tell you they're sick. That's the worst.
Good luck. Enjoy the peppermint popcorn (hopefully you don't get sick, 'cause you probably wouldn't like it anymore...)

Mel (November 25, 2010 at 10:28 AM)  

Aww, sorry to hear, Janae. Hope they get better quickly!

Carlie Madsen (November 26, 2010 at 12:44 PM)  

I feel the same way about weaning. Elijah has learned the sign for milk and pretty much asks for a drink all the time, all day. Which I gave him when he was super sick last week, and now I'm super sick with the icky cold he gave I'm still feeding him whenever he asks. LOL.

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