Dear friend,

Dear Mom,

It is my pleasure to tell you that we have another sock lover in the family. Remember that one year that we had over 100 socks between all of us? I was really happy that I got 12. and I know to go after Christmas and get the socks on sale. I myself don't wear seasonal socks but my children can.
Danielle loves socks. She packages up all of her socks in a great big sock wrapper and carries them around with her. Or she puts all her money in a ball. It seems a little strange to have a sock stuffed with money in it- did anyone here see in living color?- but they really are a convenient change purse.
Sometimes I walk into Danielle's room and she is wearing all her panties and as many socks as she can get on. She needs several pairs for her feet and hands. Did you know that socks are the new gloves? really they are the same as mittens and there are lots more options.
I have to say though the other day when Danielle had socks on top of her footed sleeper I had a hard time not dying from how cute it was. I almost woke her up from sleeping, which is a horrible thing. I should know, right now I'm up in the middle of the night with her and she isn't feeling well. Maybe she needs a pair of socks.

Love this hot chocolate.
Love socks.- even if I wear them very infrequently. they make my feet feel sweaty.
Love you.

Lessons from Danielle:
Some days you need socks on top of your footed sleeper. For fashion.

sorry about the bad picture- the flash was necessary. She is sleeping on a mattress on our floor while my mom is here. Normally she sleeps like the dead- which is why I can take flash photos of her in the middle of the night.
If only Mark slept that way.

End Positive Post #21

PussDaddy (November 7, 2010 at 10:37 AM)  

I love socks too. I probably have a hundred pair myself. White socks, black socks, brown socks, colored socks, fuzzy socks, house slipper socks, even toe socks. My feet are always cold and in the winter I always wear 2 pair of socks.


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