Marriage Course Lesson 2- Competition

People say that competition is bad. The John and Janae Marriage Rocks program begs to differ. Competition is awesome. Hello- how long have the Olympics been around? A Long Time. Because being the best is totally worth it.
Now sometimes competition can be bad for a marriage- like when you are competing to see who can go the longest without putting laundry away. Believe me I have tried that and it never goes well for me. I have had much more luck with who can ignore the dishes longer. This winning spirit made me a little embarrassed when my sister in law came to visit and did all my dishes. Embarrassed and thrilled.
Our course recommends against competing with each other, and turns rather to a couple's style competition. Like the amazing race which I have never watched so it might not actually be like that. Don't compare everything, just pick extra special things.
After people leave your home you can say to the closed door "Our marriage totally kicks your marriage's A@#." No joke. Your husband is your best friend? Her husband is "the best friend, companion, lover, and husband in the world for me." ? Well that reminds me of a song by Akon about his Homie, Lover, Friend. How exactly do you know your husband is the best lover? There is no Olympics for that I hope. Is your husband really your best friend? You also claimed he was the cheapest man on the planet.
One word people: Bestest.
I remember visiting a friend who lived in an apartment with Newlyweds downstairs. Extremely loud newlyweds. They like to yell. Once when we were visiting the scandalous noise started almost right after they told us how awkward it was. He turned to her and said "oh we could take them." Yes, experience and competition.
This competition can be dangerous though, as I learned when I was told that my husband did more household chores than most husbands. Shame on you, other husbands. This is not the true spirit of competition. Do you do more chores than every husband in the world? Maybe not.
It is said that Shakespeare could not have created his works in a different society. London was one of the most critical theater going environments at his time. If people aren't performing you just can't compete against them and rise to marital greatness. The Gold Medal of happiness and togetherness.
John and I are better at talking about feelings.
John and I are better at not favoring each other in games.
John and I are better at getting each other awesome gifts.
John and I are better at painting.
John and I are better at managing our children.
John and I are better at speaking German.
John and I have a better insurance rate.
John and I are better at saving for our children.
John and I are better drivers.

All of these things apply to different couples, but are true.

For this experience write down the names of all of your couple friends. Now write one sentence of what you do better than they do.
If you come across a name you can't think of anything for, fall back on being better homies.

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kathryn (March 3, 2010 at 10:10 AM)  

I love the Amazing Race! I think we should do the Amazing Race with all the Madsen couples. that would be awesome!

Carlie Madsen (March 3, 2010 at 12:38 PM)  

I think when you compare your marriage to others, you realize how good you've got it. I had a friend joke about how her husband watched 8 hrs. straight of football...I would be so mad if Matt did that.

aaron wilkinson (March 3, 2010 at 4:22 PM)  

Janae, It's too bad that you and John don't live in Las Vegas because Britt and I would totally take you in board games.

I think our sons would be friends. They're both really fat. By the way, I love fat babies.

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