Sunday Thoughts

I think it would be funny if there were new rules about how people had to sit at church. I thought of this today as I was sitting on the stand. Rather than letting people pick were they say people would have to file in and be seated starting at the front of the building. Larger parties would get the longer rows. You had to start at the left and go to the right. Children would get their allotted space but no more. There couldn't be lots of space between parties.
I like it for several reasons. One- if a family of seven needs a spot and three people are sprawled across a whole row the family never makes them scoot over which I think is sad. Two- the more righteous you are, the further to the front you would be. It could be a sort of status thing. Now not only do the super important people go on the stand, the other important people are in the front. Those families that sit right on the end of the back row would be smack dab in the middle of the third row.
My family always sat in the front row at church. and we always got there late. So after the sacrament we would traipse in and take our spots. I personally believe we didn't earn those spots, but the super righteous Ogden family took a row further back. Maybe we could have earned the back row that the relief society president took.

Then maybe we could start the color coordination.
and have treats in relief society. I miss that awesome relief society teacher who would somehow always tie in fantastic treats with her lesson. Every pregnant and nursing woman's dream.
Mark likes sucking his food out of the holder. So disgusting. So awesome.
Danielle likes to do karate moves and help me sew. Tonight we made cookies and visited some people to give them away. and like every time I cook, I called my mom for directions. Hence the freak out and call mom picture in my kitchen.
next week I have to think of more perfect mom ideas- aka Brooke's worst nightmare. But Brooke sent me some of the most beautiful earrings in the world this week. They are red. I wore them to church this week. Love.

Someday spring will come. Until then- thank goodness for Vitamin D prescriptions.
Think about it- would you want to show up early? Maybe the lurking greeters would make better ushers.
Happy Sunday!

NaDell (March 15, 2010 at 4:05 AM)  

I kind of like your idea, but some people get to church early to pick the seat close to the door or bathroom because of little kids....That's what we do.
I grew up sitting on the second row. My mom thought that we would behave better if we couldn't see other kids misbehaving. I'm pretty sure that just encouraged us to hang our heads under the bench to look at everyone's legs (not that I did that, of course! =)
Personally, we prefer the right side on a short bench in the middle or back for our family of five.
Your kids are growing so much! I'd like to know how Danielle helps you sewing? Gotta get that girl one of those cute little sewing machines for kids!
Oh, and your grandma asks me how you are doing all the time....maybe you could call or send a letter or something.....or maybe that's the only connection she has to me, who knows...

Carlie Madsen (March 15, 2010 at 10:45 AM)  

BTW, I think the perfect mom sews.

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