Sunday Thoughts

Well Tuesday is the perfect day to have Sunday thoughts. After all, I went to a playgroup at the church. I think I didn't help pick up the toys enough. I hope they don't kick me out. Today was like the sabbath for me, if you mean not doing any work. I avoided vacuuming and cleaning up. I didn't do the dishes. Baby Mark was a complete fuss face. I love him dearly but that kid fusses when you don't hold him. I want one of those moby wrap things. Or a Mai Tei style carrier. The sling is OK and all- but it hurts my back.
Here are some thoughts I had on Sunday
1. I wonder what the other testimonies were like since Mark started screaming and can't eat with any noise.
2. Hooray- Danielle went on the potty at church!
3. Oh no- Danielle went on her skirt at church. Why don't I have an extra outfit for her?
4. Should I really go back to church with two children sans husband?
5. I wonder if they are going to give John a new calling since he doesn't play piano even though I told them he did.
6. Is my friend even pregnant? Her due date keeps moving around.
7. Can you stop harassing me about getting the visiting teaching numbers done? I know it's the easiest calling in the church but that doesn't mean I have it done yet. (I can only write this because now it is done.)

Mark finally reached for something. He was sitting in his bouncer and started reaching for something and crying. He doesn't ever really reach for things so I went over to see what he wanted. So my baby has finally selected a favorite toy. It is a stuffed animal peep. Oh a baby after my own heart. He likes to have it with him always and cuddle it. He bites his peep. He rolls over to go get it. Maybe this will spurn him to moments of baby greatness, like trying to sit up on his own or learning to hold things with his hands instead of throwing his face at them.
Next week I get to speak in church. On visiting teaching.
You know I taught at the MTC for over a year, why can't I have missionary work or something? I wonder if I should invite my friends.
Hopefully they will tell me it is amazing, even if it is a lie. I hope my friends can lie well enough to make me believe it. I wonder if Mark will start screaming halfway through.
Only if it's bad, I hope.

Carlie Madsen (March 10, 2010 at 12:14 AM)  

Janae...would you like to borrow my moby forever...I might want it back to try with baby 2 when he or she comes, but Elijah dislikes the wrap... sadly. I have really good visiting teachers. They are sweet older women who are single. They don't have children of their own, so they only admire Elijah rather than offering advice. Good luck speaking!

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