Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts: This Sunday we went to church with my mom. It was strange to heart the different speaking style. Some woman was talking about relief society. She was a little to banal about her description of her mother getting hit by a car. When you’re tone of voice is so monotone I don’t really believe you when you say “unfortunately, she was hit by a car.” Was that a little smile on her mouth about her own mother getting hit by a car? I guess she decided every talk needs a personal story. Why choose to talk about her mother being hit by a car? Her mother was in the hospital in critical condition and so many sisters visited her that the nurses asked if the mother was some celebrity that they didn’t know. What a relief society success- you can be mistaken for a lesser known celebrity! Totally worth getting hit by a car.

But I did notice something about the ladies in my mom’s ward. They are cute. One girl with her perfect shiny brown hair was wearing an adorable yellow sweater with ruffles that I am jealous of even though it would make me look like a lemon mess. So much tousled hair can be overwhelming in one place and I hope they are using non-aerosol hairspray for the sake of the ozone but many of them share something with the perfect mom. Which brings me to this week’s perfect mom installment:

The perfect mom wears high heels.

Everyone knows that high heels are awesome for several reasons. Reason one- you are taller. Reason two- they look good. Reason three- people notice them. One of my secret criteria in marriage was to have a husband tall enough that I can wear four inch heels. I guess that means no one under 5’8” so it isn’t that impressive. John totally meets the requirements which brings me joy. After I had my first baby I felt like I was invisible to people at church. The only questions I was ever asked were about my children. True my daughter was cute but I felt like I was dowdy and generally un-cute. I guess my post baby body disappointed me. I felt like I couldn’t wear some of my old cute clothes- but cute shoes worked. I never worried that people would think I was too fat for my shoes. Wearing four inch heels made me feel pretty all the time.

Another reason having high heels is good? It is difficult. Chasing a toddler is harder in stilettos. Carrying a baby makes my balance worse than being pregnant. People wonder about a woman who is seven months pregnant in heels. I am always shocked when I see women who wear heals all the time. How can you wear those things to work all the time? So awesome. Your life has to be pretty put together to be able to wear high heels. You aren’t overwhelmed by your children. You are still sexy. You are a woman, then a mom. Now don't get my wrong, I am not promoting one inch heels. Go big or go home. Wearing dowdy 1.5 inch heels penny loafers makes you look more than an out of control mom. If you can't handle it you shouldn't't do it. And you can handle it. And you can handle it.

High heels, I salute you.

BrittWilk (March 24, 2010 at 12:20 AM)  

then i'm not the perfect mom. bummer. no high heels for me. i'm tall. aaron's not so tall (and i like him that way). p.s. i'm not coordinated enough anyway so really marrying aaron let me off the hook. :)

Brooke (March 29, 2010 at 4:07 PM)  

finally a post I am on board with! Yay Janae! if only I weren't so bleeping tall, I love my shoes but look like a monster standing next to my pathetic 5'4" friends. I suggest the next installment as.... "The perfect Mom is fat" I remember snuggling with my Mom as a child and I loved how soft and warm she was. as a result, I feel that I'm robbing my kids of that if ever I fail to order dessert.

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