The Road Trip Tryout.

I know you might want to go on a road trip with me and my children. Just the other day I volunteered to drive to Colorado with a friend.
oddly enough, she is no longer interested in road tripping with me.
I don't know why- all we did was drive to the outlets in Lancaster together. Baby Mark cried the whole time. Literally almost the entire 2.5 hour drive in the car he was crying. I tried to time it so he could sleep over his nap time but he had other ideas.
also Danielle fussed about her neck hurting.
and about someone pretending her new bedding was a towel.
and about her headphones getting wrapped up in her hair.
and about being hungry.
and about being thirsty.

she didn't really cry about sharing her game, which I was happy about. Or maybe I just forgot that part.
the girls did try to unbuckle and climb around the car.
and we moved the seats around
and we filled the car too full really.

and Danielle peed her pants in the middle of a store.

Mark finally fell asleep after 12 hours of sleeping- he learned to self soothe from all that great sleep training people recommended to us. I guess Danielle's new big girl seat is too big for her since the seat belt gave her a cut on her neck. I felt terrible when I realized what had happened, just like the whole time the children were crying or complaining I wanted to stop driving and help them. I guess I just don't press on very well, which is probably why it took us 7 hours to drive to New Jersey the other day even though it should have taken 3.5.
I guess if you really want to get somewhere you have to keep driving.

Nichole said I could have warned her.
You can imagine that I was non-plussed, is this not one of the greatest joys of parenting? Don't all children have a constant stream of screaming or complaints in the car?
Danielle, with the help of one dear salesman, learned what Jibbets were, and is now the proud owner of a some which were placed on her new crocs that I bought to replace the urine soaked shoes she had with her. I knew I should have brought along an extra outfit- confirming my faith that my mother's intuition is indeed growing. Also for all you parents if you are buying one light up fairy you should really buy one for each foot or your child will drive you nuts with stomping.
Nichole claims that children like Mark should be able to stay asleep when they fall asleep in the car.
I suppose next she will think it is inappropriate to climb all over furniture at restaurants and try to crawl all over the floor with the baby. I don't know how people ever leave their homes with children. Maybe they have Alien children like Darla that are really good.
Nichole has two girls aged three and two (the three year old is almost four) and they didn't seem to contribute at all to the complaining.
But I think it's important to contribute. I guess I'll be searching for a new friend for road trips with children.

Do you have any road trips planned?

The Madsens (September 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM)  

I'm sorry your trip was so hard. I absolutely hate driving on long or semi-short trips with young kids. We are going to drive to California in April and I'm already starting to worry about the drive.

The Blind Spot (September 4, 2010 at 3:34 PM)  

Oh, poor you. If I lived next to you I'd go on a road trip with you and try to be real patient with your kids ;) I just wanted to let you know that I miss you. You're great! (and I absolutely love youir sense of humor/cynisism - kinda reminds me of myself sometimes) Anyway, how is school going?

Michael (September 5, 2010 at 1:55 PM)  

I don't have any roadtrips planned, but you should plan a road trip to come visit us! That would be awesome. Besides, you're going to need to come see the new baby soon.

Carlie Madsen (September 5, 2010 at 11:14 PM)  

We are staying home for the next year...we had a lot of road tripping. I kind of think my baby might actually learn to sleep better if I stay in one place for a while LOL. Just a question, did Mark fall asleep after being "awake" for 12 hours?
Oh, Matt heard about this Army base ward in a third world country where all the local kids were very quiet in church and all the American kids were misbehaving. Then, they addressed the nutrition needs of the local kids, and then all the kids were misbehaving. So, I guess there is a sliver lining to misbehaving :)

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