My Dream Linen 80's house

Today I got my restoration Hardware catalog. 300 pages of linen covered bliss. and some very oddly scaled ceiling lights but they weren't linen so who cares about them.

In all seriousness I want a linen couch. This one. Or rather I did when I saw it at the outlet for really cheap but not so much now that it would cost me more than 3,000.00 dollars. Who doesn't need a fancy couch for their house. The best part? This one is comfortable and- covered with linen. Linen. The new luxury fabric.

The other day I was thinking- How could I make my whole home a sort of "Linen" color.
Restoration Hardware came to my rescue. Now I can have a couch, pillows, coffee table, chairs, drapes and furniture all the color of linen. Those Cart Tables really have sort of a linen color to them. So trendy right now and in just the right color! Or I could just get one covered In Linen. I am so excited that my outside table can be linen colored and my chairs and my dining table and all the chairs around it could be linen.

I was hoping to find some peculiar looking chairs- like an egg chair just like one I saw in a museum- only in Linen instead of another fabric. They have one with Burlap on the back. What a wild ride that would be. Linen+Burlap= the best ever.

people are always saying that architectural elements are good for a house. So I thought my 80s house could use a few columns here and there. I could put my kids on top of them for time out. No more wandering out of time out now! Or I could put a stone sphere on them. The best part? Both the color of linen.

Then for the table I might branch out to an almost duck cloth color. Although I could never do those plants- hello green was not in my color scheme! One thing I never realized before was that Antlers are close to the color of linen! So I thought about getting together all my hunting trophies and crafting them into a massive light fixture of death. Hopefully I'm good at cleaning things- right? But then I realized that Restoration Hardware had that Linen lighting Covered! I won't even need to bust out my linen lamp shades.

NaDell (September 23, 2010 at 10:01 AM)  

Linen sound very kid friendly. Better than velvet (although if you used velvet, you'd feel like Elvis...I'm not sure if that's a pro or con.)
Here is a link to a site where she uses drop clothes to make curtains and slipcovers and cool things. It looks like linen and is the same color. Check it out.

NaDell (September 23, 2010 at 10:02 AM)  

You really do need the antler centerpiece. Your home would be incomplete without it. =)

kathryn (September 23, 2010 at 10:22 AM)  

I've decided buying couches from IKEA is just about the best idea ever. We let our kids jump on our couches and if I had a $3,000.00 couch I would go insane trying to get them to stay away from it. I wouldn't let them sit on it until they turned 21.

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