Marriage Excellence: Chairs

Well once we got gifted Chairs from John's dad.
Then we forgot to take them with us when we moved to PA.
Then John's dad gave them to someone else because he figured we didn't want them if we didn't take them.
This reminds me of something a friend of mine talked about in marriage counseling: You don't get to decide how people spend their money.
But how unrealistic can that possibly be? Who hasn't been mad at their parents for getting a sibling a better birthday present or an expensive wedding? We need coping mechanisms.

Marriage Excellence tells us that we can't be responsible for how other people spend their money- Like if your in laws buy one person a house and not your spouse. Or a car or a set of furniture. Everyone has a right to spend their money how they want, so if you complain about it you are acting entitled to it, which is incorrect. To help with this, the Excellence plan has a few coping mechanisms.
1. You can criticize the item everyone else got all you want.
2. You could probably also criticize the people who got the item but that's dangerous. It's not their fault they are the favorites- you are lucky they don't laugh in your face about it. Unless they do.
3. You can make yourself a free shirt on Vista Print that says "I am my in laws least favorite."
4. You can talk about how you knew your mom was holding out on you because she wanted to give it to your other sister.
5. Finally- you can shop online and pretend to make bills and send them to your family.

I really think two of these chairs from Horchow would be such a bold choice for the front room- don't you? Total Bill $3,645.00

or this couch would look great :

Do you have any suggestions for Chairs? I wonder how hard it is to learn how to make Chairs.
During the Marriage excellence exercise you don't have to try to find the least expensive chairs so your family doesn't feel like you are trying to get them to spend a ridiculous amount of money on you. Just find the ones that are actually your favorite.

kathryn (September 17, 2010 at 1:34 PM)  

Janae, you are funny. Are you going to bring this up at the group therapy family camp? How are you guys doing? I miss you!

Jess (September 17, 2010 at 4:46 PM)  

My mother-in-law is the queen of trying to be "fair" with her 4 children. It actually drives me crazy. They are equal down to every single dollar. Every single day they spend time with each child. It is weird. Oh, but if she is possibly going to visit someone and cannot give an equal visit to another sibling, she tries to hide the visit from the rest of the family. It is crazy. I like her, but I think trying to be that equal will not always work out. And seriously, if my sister-in-law finds out that someone got a more expensive gift than she did, she will demand that her parents write her a check for the difference. And they do.

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