Sunday Thoughts

I guess they say that the first year you live in a place you catch everything. I remember when I was doing my student teaching I constantly had a cold. My father in law said the first year he was doing orthodontics he got sick a lot from being around all the kids.
It's like they say Children, like little petri dishes.
speaking of which once we visited my friends and he was growing something in a petri dish that he had scraped off of his kitchen sponge. I was fascinated and grossed out by cultivating bacteria in your closet. also glad that I refuse to own a kitchen sponge because they smell bad. always.
Kitchen sponges and rags that people use in their sinks- probably some of the most disgusting things on earth. which is why god invented the paper towel.

Well we have lived here over a year, so why does everyone have a cold again? John has some disgusting sore on the back of his throat and I'm convinced it's flesh eating bacteria. Maybe it is this same vigorous paranoia that makes me want to throw up about sponges.

My throat is totally hurting today. Although I probably should even talk because I've got nothing on open sore man.

Today I pondered how interesting being a parent can be- Danielle has decided she wanted to be carried everywhere today. Seriously I can't even carry my baby everywhere, which is probably why both of my children learned to crawl fairly early. I feel like she just realized that she has a sibling and it annoys her so she climbs up on the furniture to hide from him. Usually with his toys. Mark is also afflicted with open sores and some of the worst diaper rash ever. second only to Danielle when she was younger. It is harder to have him be a free range baby than it was with Danielle- mainly because of Danielle.
What is up with the horrible diaper rash? With Danielle supposedly it was disposables. I don't know if it's because we used disposables for a day or because I changed my cloth diaper detergent to hard rock detergent or if it's because he started drinking cows milk or because he ate some strawberries a few days ago but we have a serious problem on our hands here. Poor baby Mark is so sad, but he tends to be rather sensitive.
It is a miracle I got the dishes done today, although I didn't get the laundry put away. and since we canceled lunch with our friends today I have a lot of vegetarian bacon in my fridge that I am going to have to find a home for.

How was your Sunday?

kathryn (September 13, 2010 at 4:45 AM)  

Your kids are so cute! I'm sorry everyone's sick. When we home schooled Clark last year I totally wanted to get a petri dish and find out where the dirtiest places in our house was--but I didn't. I'm grossed out and fascinated by petri dishes. Vegetarian bacon sounds a little gross.

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