Well Saturdays are nice around our new house. Mostly they involve lots of manual labor. After one week of living here Danielle was finshed- but I was also a little bit fed up with the heat. She kept asking to go home- referring to our old house- we decided maybe she wasn't having enough fun. So she hates living here- I guess that is normal for kids in a move
So I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Danielle is signed up at a baby gym. I haven't found any gyms here with childcare but I did find the gymboree kids gym. Has anyone noticed how hard it is to find a class for a two year old? At the last gymboree they called her age group "beasts" and it seems no one wants to see a child until they are three years old. I also couldn't find any swimming classes online. No dance classes start before three. I still haven't convinced John to call the mixed martial arts people. I think Danielle could be good at mixed martial arts. She did go through a hitting phase.
After an hour of running all over the place we went to a very special lunch. I am a little relieved that McDonalds isn't running their beanie baby promotion anymore- Why do you have a little display with a pony in it if there are no ponies in the store? Clearly these people don't know what it is like to be two. We asked for the boy toy because it was a car. Danielle insisted on sitting in the Ronald chair. I guess if it is too small you like it in terms of high chairs. Danielle was excited for her kids cone (crease cone) and I was excited that she didn't notice when I leveled the cone into her happy meal box while she was looking out the window. Aparently they don't actually have a kids size cone at McDonalds these days.
Gymnastics start at the beginning of September. Danielle already likes to jump off of things, so I figure she has a leg up. They start at 18 months though, so she is probably out of Olympic contention.

NaDell (August 26, 2009 at 9:35 PM)  

I bet she'll be fantastic at gymnastics! It bugs me when the kids don't get their favorite toy out of the display too. At least put a note on the display with the one toy you are giving out. The other thing that bugs me is that with two kids, they try to give you two of the same thing. Yeah, we want two different ones. We aren't coming again tomorrow for the cool one that you have sitting under the counter!
Sorry, just a little peeve of mine.
How far is your new house from your old house?

mablebrown (September 2, 2009 at 9:05 PM)  

You don't want Danielle to be one of those scary little Olympics girls anyway! Besides looking like little boys, they always have awful hair and makeup!

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