Chocolate Milk

Some really great parents feed their children all organic foods and lots of whole grains. These parents never have trouble trying to get their kids to be healthy. Everyone who has ever talked about their children finds out that they know lots of these people. A number of them actually don't have children yet, but when they do- watch out. They know all the tricks.
Since I don't claim to be one of these people I always look compromises. I guess my child left to her own devices would just run on the podium at church or maybe run away in a public store. At least she trusts I won't leave her I guess. I am glad she understands bribes and consequences. For instance she knows that if we go to Home Depot she gets a treat. Only if she sits in the cart (which is only worth a treat half the time). Also if she splashes in the bath and it gets on the floor or on mommy bath time is over.
Since I only recently stopped giving her bottles, I had to come up with a new bribe. I guess Danielle only liked milk from a bottle. She drinks chocolate Nesquick at Sara's house just fine, but I guess I can only buy the yucky kind. So she went from drinking the maximum amount of milk her pediatrician said was fine to none.
Enter dove promises. Gone are the days when she faked a sip of milk because we told her she had to. Just a few weeks later, Danielle drank three glasses of milk today. Full glasses. Then she clapped her hands together in glee and went to the fridge to get her chocolate.
I am conscious that she get all the nutrition she needs, including yummies.

TheFlammfam (August 25, 2009 at 11:07 AM)  

Hey I just commented on Crystal's blog and saw your comment as well. It looks like you two have been busy with the house and kids! It's great to find you in the blog world.

mablebrown (August 25, 2009 at 11:57 PM)  

I would drink all my milk for some dove chocolate. That stuff is good!

Dana Carlin (August 26, 2009 at 9:46 PM)  

Killian did the SAME thing when we took away his bottle - he went from drinking too much milk to drinking none. The only compromise that we have been able to make is giving him chocolate milk in a sippy cup. We only put a little bit of chocolate milk in there and then dilute it with the 2%, but he notices if it's too diluted and refuses to drink. Why does a bottle make plain mlk taste so much better?

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