Danielle and I went to John's convocation. We made it through a few of the speakers before Danielle informed me that she was ready to go home. She can be quite persuasive when she wants to be. We played out in the hall even though she wanted to go back to the park and also go to the "beach." I think we could have made it through at least an hour except there was no food or drink allowed so my chocolate bribe didn't work. And we lost three of the twenty plastic dinosaurs.
Danielle was a little bit put out when we had to leave the park to visit Daddy anyway- I didn't realize anything was better than seeing daddy, but going on the swings and chasing rabbits apparently rocks. Even when it is 90 degrees and you are getting swarmed with gnats. While we were at the park I saw a family driving up through the trees on what looked like part of a small walking path with cobblestones. Their power blue Oldsmobile barely made it- but I think they were happy to be able to park right by the playground and pull out their cooler. Nothing like a drive in park I guess, especially with those bench seats and handle roll down windows. Those were some of the first mullets I've seen in a few days, and I never realized how much I missed them.
Maybe I'm glad we decided to live a little further away from that park.
Danielle of course found a rock as soon as we got to the park. I'm glad we've never been at a place where she gets in trouble for displacing rocks- although if she keeps it up I'm going to have to start bringing them back to the church building.

NaDell (August 19, 2009 at 7:13 PM)  

You really do like mullets. You even posted about them before. Weird to see someone drive up to a park though....hmm.
Danielle's outfit is ADORABLE!
So, what does "Convocation" mean? I'm a dummy. :)

Jennifer (August 19, 2009 at 10:56 PM)  

Danielle, loving the outfit!

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