Death of a Lowes Customer

Well we tried to buy a fence from Lowes the other day. Earlier we had tried to order it but were told to come back between 6pm and 5pm. So we came in at 4:45 and Bob told us to go outside and look at what they had to special order. I guess there was a book out there. After looking I couldn't find the book so we picked something they had in stock. We went back in and Mr. Bob was gone. Then we went to the customer service desk. They said they could find someone to help us order the fence. The employee they found looked suspiciously wet. Maybe he had also been looking for fences in the 90 degree weather outside. He said he couldn't help us because the general something manager had to order the fence since it was in stock.
So at 6:00 we left and went out to dinner. I have always been loyal to Lowes over Homedepot but I think people here are determined to change my mind. Last time I tried to buy a dryer at lowes we waited for 40 minutes to not be helped.
The next day we ordered an in stock fence from Home Depot. They are delivering it this weekend. And they have candy in their store so Danielle wasn't crying. The employee walked with us to show us what he had of the fences and they took our 10% off coupon. It took less than one hour. For 59 dollars they are delivering it to our house.
and he walked outside himself. in the rain. and didn't get mad when Danielle tried to steal the rocks from his display. Why do some stores make it hard to be loyal to them? I've noticed since moving here that people regularly don't want to wait on you. the economy here isn't very good so you think they would try to help you- but we've had surveyors not show up after trying to get things done. That's Pennsylvania I guess.

kathryn (August 23, 2009 at 10:25 PM)  

I think its Lowes (and most big box stores). I think Lowes is prettier than Home Depot and has prettier things, but Home Depot is usually cheaper. That will be nice to a have a fence.

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