Before we had Halloween, we had to get snow. They acted like it was more snow than usual but I remember snow last Halloween so I'm not sure what to think.  I think if I had a real live job and worked here I would get a generator to feel more secure. I get nervous when they say how many people are without power in the snow. The kids were thrilled, except Mark didn't want to wear his hat or gloves.  Actually Danielle's hat.  I thought we bought him a hat last year but maybe I was wrong. He had this awesome bunting suit the first year. Now he rocks the purple snow suit.  Do you think he will have to go to therapy someday for the leopard hat and purple snow suit?  I should probably destroy the evidence.
I'm still not fully used to living somewhere with all four seasons. It didn't really snow much where I was in Washington- you didn't actually need super warm clothing for winter. I feel like Utah has summer and winter, and not as much fall- you don't really need a rain jacket. But we do here.  Which bums me out because you get them and then the kids outgrow them. Fall, Spring, summer and winter- who knew they would need such different clothing? and do they make pink dresses for every season?

You know what I've learned- my kids just keep growing out of everything I buy them. Even though Danielle sometimes still finds clothes from two years ago and thinks they fit.  They don't fit. It's adorable how she likes to dress herself.  She is getting better at finding things that match.  I might have my mom to thank for that, who sent her a bunch of matching clothes. If all the clothes match then your child will match- this is a powerful truth.

Also for those of you who want to hear me rant even though I shouldn't it is hard to be pregnant. I don't like it.  Especially since John is still in school and I should be working since we can't really afford where we live. I think it's really hard on John because he is working and in school and wants to find more work.  I don't know how people do it. 20 more months...  until residency...
why in the world does this school thing take so long?  Overall I'm grateful for Rachelle helping me sell things in my etsy shop.  Claire helps me too. Also- I love babies.  and I like them even more as they become little people that can talk and have cute personalities.  I never would have guessed I would get a sensitive and stubborn kid like Danielle.  It's neat to see kids develop.

You know what else makes me happy in a strange way?  Winter. Snow is awesome, because it means you don't have to mow your lawn anymore, which totally rocks. I was feeling a little done with yard work.  Except this weekend I am intending to dig up all my dahlias and plant the new bulbs I got for free from a catalog. Who gives away 25 dollars in free bulbs?  It totally made my day.

I went to the ward Halloween party yesterday while John was at school. We went after Mark woke up from his nap so I wouldn't have to wake up captain grouchy.  Some lady pointed out that I was late.  Another lady expressed her shock that my baby wasn't already born. I wanted to remind them that they are huge idiots and completely rude. Who tells pregnant women they look bad?  Old ladies frequently do I've noticed- that era when they were told not to gain more than ten pounds and starved themselves.  Also- stupid people. It's odd because you hear "oh you don't look very pregnant" and "wow, I was never that big" in the same ten minutes. Either way stow the comments about how pregnant people look, unless you are trying to confirm your complete lack of intelligence and common sense. I was super grateful to my friend who said "it gets worse before it gets pregnant.  People were calling me two weeks before the baby was born." Somehow it just made me feel better.
To the lady who told me the time it started- you are so rude. Please do me a favor and shut up. Because you are going to make me look crazy with my totally disproportionate reaction. You are thoughtless but I wanted to scream at you.
Thank goodness for my pregnancy rules to just say nothing.  They help hide the tenuous hold I have on the pregnant crazy.  So many feelings.   Normal people wouldn't get so mad at that they want to cry and scream at a passing church lady.  Actually I don't think non pregnant people cry when they are angry at all.  At least I don't...
Maybe after I make 1000.00 this month and pay our mortgage I will be a little less crazy.  Or maybe I will just have to keep playing the waiting game until the baby comes.
Please forgive me friends...

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