24 days of Christmas List

Yesterday I got my first family Christmas present.  Except the ones my mom sent this summer which are safely wrapped in John's office. It was from Claire. Claire is done with her Christmas shopping, but no one ever doubted that she is an overachiever.
At least I didn't.
Of course getting this present and her calling to ask what I wanted sparked a powerful stream of greed.
Let's think of some things I want for Christmas together- and it's really time for everyone else to put up a list too i think.
because lists are BEAUTIFUL.

  1. Fabric.  let's face it I'm crazy for fabric. http://www.formandfabric.com/products/Echino%2C-Damask-%252d-Pink.html I love this fabric.
  2. Alhambra big box.  I know we are going to start playing a ton more games after baby Madsen shows up.
  3. Small World.  just another game I want.
  4.  Hard Wood Floors.  They are on sale right now at Home Depot. I was hoping to be able to replace my own flooring before the baby comes.  totally realistic right?
  5. Amy Butler Rug.  I still want it. I'm convinced that 2,000.00 for a rug is totally what other people were thinking of getting me for Christmas. Otherwise I would just buy it for myself.  Oh wait...
  6. Echino fabric.  I really like the madrigal fabric. Did you know that Jen got me some fabric from Mountain of the Dragon for my birthday?  I was so excited I almost cried.Not only did she read my boring blog, but she got me something from my list. what the heck. I was happy.
  7. My little Pony Iron Ons. how cool is that?  I have a child so I can get stuff like that, right?
  8. Kindle Fire.  Why do I want one of these?  But I do....
  9. Bath and Body Works Apple crumble candles.  They just make me smile. and my store is out of them, which makes me sad. I'm so mad that we missed the Halloween sales...
  10. A Bunk Bed for the kids. with mattresses.
  11. A pressure cooker.  because I like steal cut oatmeal.
  12. Raspberry Ice Kitchenaid Stand Mixer are you kidding me?  I am in love.
  13. sectional sofa for the front room.  You can never have enough couches in your life, right?
  14. 17 inch MacBook pro.  it's a wishlist right?
  15. Pink Ugg one Button Boots in Pink. I love pink today.
  16. 42 inch flat screen tv of some kind.  I know I should watch less tv...
  17. The Living room and stairs painted.
  18. I have always secretly dreamed of getting those food things you see in the Williams Sonoma catalog. I love the vanilla but they don't have it at my grocery store. I also want a blue bread basket though...
  19. A Gym membership.  They cost about 300 dollars these days... Jim Brown is super friendly and I think he would help me lose weight after this baby :-)
  20. Satin Blanket binding.  Joann Fabrics has a lot of it.  I love it.
  21. Double Jogging Stroller from REI.
  22. A shed.
  23. A small deck.
  24. My bedroom painted a lighter color.  Don't tell John, he would be sad.

sivab (November 6, 2011 at 8:13 PM)  

I had the WS croissants at Jill's house once. They were super yummy full sized and mini.

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