Three more weeks.

Three more weeks.
Until I'm due to have the baby.
Well I was worried it would never happen, but I think I know what false labor is now...
and I just have to hide from people and not get mad at them for a few more weeks.

although I have started to delete facebook comments that bother me. or unsubscribe to feeds of the super right wing people who like to post every five minutes.  also known as my family.
Limit it to one per day people. Or better yet one per week.

I think it might be time for me to get somewhere for this baby to sleep ready.
Or maybe I should start with putting my laundry away.

it's time to take more photos of the kiddos.
I missed church Sunday because I didn't feel good but I didn't know how to say sorry I was up all night feeling crampy and yucky but I'm OK now because that's how it is with your third kid I guess. How would someone respond to that?  That's for sure a no win situation, so I just avoided it and pretended nothing happened. Maybe I'll just start my maternity leave early.  Except some ladies seem to skip that whole part.
My Children really like sock monkies.  They try to steal them all from the etsy stash so I've gotten creative with my sock monkey hiding.  and by creative I mean I just put them in a bag under a bunch of other stuff so they couldn't see it. I'm grateful for Etsy because we've been making more money which is good and it allows me to not just sit around and wait to have the baby, because I've got to get some custom orders made before I have this baby. I totally thought about starting a "registry" part in my shop- and I could stock it with stuff my kids try to steal or stuff for my baby- but then I realized other people might think they can't buy it (you know, the people who pay for this stuff) so that's not the best idea- but then moms could come and say what they want which would be pretty neat.

If your children claim they will be good and want to share a room, they are probably lying.
Definitely lying.

Top 5 of the week.
1. Getting a package in the mail from Rivkah's mom for Danielle.  It was thrilling and such a surprise! It has some sweaters and pants in it.  She wore the sparkly one today.
2. Thanksgiving with Mark and Sara rocked my turkey loving world.
3.  I made money on Etsy.
4. I successfully braided Danielle's hair.
5. I ate lots of pie.

NaDell (November 30, 2011 at 12:50 AM)  

I agree with the super political comments on facebook. I don't care which side I'm on or which side you're on, you still don't compare the current President of the USA's museum to an outhouse. It's not funny. It's totally rude and disrespectful (no matter whether you agree with his-and the other thousands of people doing the same things-policies or changes.) It bugs me too. I also don't like the other side telling me how abortion is good or that I should agree with them and they should attack me when I disagree with them. It's all better left off facebook.

Are you saying that baby #3 is putting undo pressure on his exit? That's what my #3 did. It was so painful to walk. Yeah, most of us just pretend it didn't happen I think.....and I think I'm one of those who doesn't take maternity leave too....I like the social more than I like the solitary confinement. I'd go crazy stuck at home all the least if I ever gave myself time to sit around at home.... Maybe I'll get to try that one day.
I'm glad Etsy is going well for you! That's super exciting!
I cannot believe you only have three weeks until your due date! I hope to see pictures! =)
Sorry I'm a rambler...

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