Sunday Thoughts.

Today was the first Sunday of the Month. So people weren't eating or aware of their own bad breath.  I think that the knowledge that they have bad breath is completely buried by hunger.  Today I noticed someone and they were a little older.  I told John about almost giving them a mint but then deciding it would be rude to offer (normally I probably would but blah blah I didn't). So I sat in the hall and ate the last Milky Way Halloween candy bar (fun sized) and thought about if I needed to go get myself a mint. I was cleaning out the primary closet and avoiding the 100 degree primary room, but that didn't mean I wasn't eating candy and taking advantage of my awesome pregnant status.
Anyway John pointed out that the person in question was pretty old when I said they had bad breath. 
"maybe she is just fasting and has impaired personal breath radar." I replied.

"You know what I've learned about old people in medical school?..."
"Many of them are full of cabbage. This can lead to their breath smelling bad."

John totally got me. I thought we were learning something new about age related halitosis. Instead we had to ponder if all old people are full of cabbage or just German old people.

I think part of a successful marriage is based on telling them something with a straight face that is complete bollix.  John and I have personally invested a great deal of energy in this endeavor. Together we make up some of the best stuff ever. 
OK sometimes you fail and your spouse says "that's not funny." but at least you tried. or maybe if you are me you hurt their feelings and then realize that you shouldn't have tried to make a joke because in addition to being slightly overemotional when you are pregnant you are also NOT FUNNY ANYMORE.
assuming I was ever funny to people other than myself. which I am. or was.  or whatever.
I'm finally excited to have a little ball of cuddle, but I've entered the stage of pregnancy where I am despairing about the length of time I have left. I'm also really worried that I won't be able to work enough to earn money to pay our bills.  You know- that whole mortgage thing we get to pay.
Why did we ever get a mortgage? it comes mostly with lots of pressure and also yard work. In seven more months we will have lived here for three years and will be able to sell it without losing our tax rebate.
I'm not sure if that makes me want to move, or just want to hide under a blanket on the couch.  Or in my loving, supportive bed.
either way if you are ever bored and want to help me de-clutter, I am completely unmotivated without someone else there to push things along.
I think I can blame the pregnancy for that too, right? Or maybe just the overexposure to cabbage today.

kathryn (November 7, 2011 at 1:08 PM)  

That's funny you mention cabbage. I was just thinking about cabbage this morning and how it helps ease the pain when you wean. I tried it with Anne and after two days felt really nauseous. I guess some people are allergic to keeping cabbage on your breast for more than 48 hours. It actually did help with the engorgement and so I had to decide which one was more of a pain, engorgement or me wanting to throw up. Is that a free share? Sorry to do a free share with your blog. Speaking of throwing up, how are you feeling? Is that finally over for you? I sympathize with the comments people give you from your previous blog post. People would think I had past my due date when I barely had gotten into my last trimester. I also enjoy reading your christmas lists. But it always makes me think I need stuff that I didn't think I needed before. That's the problem with catalogs too. I really like getting catalogs though. I feel like I get some cute decorating ideas from them. It's a double edged sword.

Mrs. Dr. (November 7, 2011 at 6:34 PM)  

Sometimes I want to throw stuff all over my house so people will think I'm a hoarder and those professional organizer people will come and organize my house.

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