Mark was quite happy to help with our yard project today. I was sick of austin digging up my flowers so we buried chicken wire in some of the beds. We also moved a four foot box. The kids filled their wheelbarrow with the small amount of dirt left in the box (austin and his digging again) and hauled it over to help me bury the wire. I had so much fun with them and Mark was thrilled to dig in the dirt. We also buried the free bulbs I got in the mail. And picked up poo but that was only me so it isn't as fun. I love how much the kiddos want to help in the yard its adorable. Also thrilled about: not replanting the flower bed every time austin is outside longer than ten minutes.
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Carlie Madsen (November 10, 2011 at 5:12 PM)  

I've failed at commenting lately. I'll blame my insufficent internet. We need to catch up. I'm glad you had some chances to get your flower beds ready for spring. Mark is cute.

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