Sunday Thoughts

I've reached that beautiful point where I am really sick of being pregnant but still have a depressingly long time left. Luckily two people have asked me why I haven't had my baby yet which is so stupid of them I don't know how to respond.  Seriously, when you get around pregnant people I think people forget to hold back on the stupid.
It makes me want to take a nap. Danielle tells me that she has scripture power running through her whole body, and that's why she has the energy to run all over all day.  I guess I am low on scripture power these days.
Here are some great names that we can't use for various reasons-
Some of these names I probably would never pick on my own anyway...
Henry- taken by John's brother
Edward- Mark and Sara took it
Barrack- the president.  Now everyone would think our child was Muslim.
Stephen- the inevitable fight between Stephen and Steven.  He would have an uncle Steve and my friend Jen will have an ex husband Stephen. and I have an ex uncle Steve of unknown spelling. Stephen Colbert is really cool though.
Brennan- I liked this name a lot but three of my family members said they hate it and I felt a little bad.  especially since two of them are the family members who send my kids most of their clothing.
Erik or Roger- two sets of divorced parents here.
Finnegan- John likes it and everyone says it is "cool" when I mention it.  I don't like it. Sorry Dana, but we aren't Irish like you are.
Daniel- already used it in female form
Jacob- thanks for ruining that for me, twilight... I think I would want to spell it Jakob. it's just cool.

I still like the name Tristan a lot.
We finally made it through the name book.  now we get to compile all the names and discover which were highlighted in an overexposed state of desperation.

Mark loves cookie monster and Elmo. and his shark shirt.

Danielle loves the bento boxes at aunt Sara's house.

Also loves- her butterfly dress, which she always wears if it is clean.

Mark and Danielle played outside with uncle Jim, but failed to look normal in any pictures with him. Mark wants that rocker Elmo for Christmas.
two days this week I cried.  from feelings. so many feelings.
I miss visiting my Grandma and Mark and Sara.

NaDell (October 23, 2011 at 10:17 PM)  

When I'm pregnant, I want to nap the WHOLE time. Although, I guess even when I'm not pregnant, I want to nap the whole time.
Someone asked me when Elizabeth was going to be born after the women at church who were all due to have their babies had theirs (two months before me). I told her that mine had better wait for a few more months because she wasn't ready yet!
I like the name Stephan, but I'd want to say it the cool black way instead of the boring Steven. (Much like the Family Matters nerdy Steve versus the cool and charming Stephan.)
Maybe Bretton is better than Brennan to those family members? It's just a little different, but then you likely won't find license plates and those little mugs or pencils with your kid's name like Danielle and Mark. (I know about those things. One of my brothers is Joe.)

kathryn (October 24, 2011 at 12:01 AM)  

Coming up with names is a lot of fun and a lot of stress. I think it's ok to duplicate names in families. I like all of your names. I also LOVE the scripture power that Danielle has! That's so sweet! I love Mark's curls too!

Missy (October 24, 2011 at 2:08 AM)  

Hey, have you ever checked out the Social Security office website? They have a huge database of every registered American name since like 1860. You can search by popularity or year, it's pretty cool.

Anyway, choosing a name is a lot harder than it looks!

Good luck :) And get a nap in.

HeatherandTanner (October 25, 2011 at 12:47 AM)  

I love that you have a list of why names can't work! That is awesome!

And for the record.. it is Stephen. I did (pathetically) have to ask my mom, though.

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