Official Parent Here

 I think today I officially became a parent. I also have to officially forgive my parents for ever throwing away any of my toys ever.  I have to tell you I would be willing to bet throwing away those toys MADE THEIR DAY. Maybe even their week. I forgive them for ridding their home of my broken toys.  I am confident that they bought me new toys.  I was never toy-less.
My home is McDonalds toy free.  Which is delightful especially considering it is Monopoly time.  Also known as the crappiest toy time of the year because they don't have to try. CRAPPY. John and I just finished cleaning the zone known as the kid zone.
Sadly, our basement did not escape some of the rain and flood madness- it seems like some water got through the bilco doors and was happily soaked up by a sheepskin rug we used to use as Austin's dog bed.  It was huge (we got it at Costco and it was quite nice originally but let's face it, nothing used as a dog bed on which "hooves" have been consumed remains in good condition) and smelled quite disgusting. I smelled this on Tuesday and went hunting. I'm glad it was so big or we could have had a serious basement disaster. Now I am thinking twice about the decision to get carpet down their- if we ever had a flood it could be a mess- and one that I paid a LOT of money for. What would we have done if the water had been worse?  Those poor people who are still trying to pick up the pieces from the flood.

You might wonder why I was able to mysteriously go through toys with no interruption.  Well besides the fact that it was done in the middle of the night my kiddos have been on Vacation with my Aunt Sara and Uncle Mark. I have never been so excited to have quiet- I've been pretty anxious about the idea that I am having another baby and I won't be alone for a LONG time after the baby is born. A lot of people say that having three kids is super hard but having two kids rocked my world in a bad way so I am a little nervous.  Plus I've been getting really dizzy the past few weeks. I had to stop running at the gym because I would be too dizzy afterward, which was a little scary. Maybe it was just my bodies was of reminding me I'm pregnant.  and probably a little anemic. Luckily I'm not throwing up as much anymore (except this weekend but John also got sick so it probably wasn't the baby.) Unfortunately I have acid reflux. Fortunately you can take Zantac when you are pregnant and that takes care of it (I took some when I visited Mark and Sara and I felt like a MIRACLE happened.) How did I not realize that was totally treatable?
Not treatable: being tired.  I am always tired. My doctor told me it was normal to be tired when you had a parasite of this size. I slept a lot while my kiddos were on vacation with my awesome family. When they offered I was happy to come back and sleep and get ready for baby and sew a lot for my etsy shop (can I admit that without being a terrible parent?  I hope so) Probably I could have survived with my kids and I know I would have had fun there, but I still glad I was able to sleep a lot and I didn't do much and I got to do all my blood work and diabetes test (pregnant- lots of tests for stuff) with no child in my lap or trying to figure out what all the buttons did or trying to empty the water machine in the waiting room. I was still tired, and I totally missed the kiddos. I think it's important to sometimes have a break and be alone. Possibly sleeping. OK I felt guilty and almost too tired to feel guilty but not quite. My mom seemed concerned.  Should she have been concerned?  I can't decide if she should be super worried or just happy for me. You get the picture, just another thing I owe Mark and Sara for. Maybe they would take a black hairy dog as a thank you gift...
Did I ever mention that Sara potty trained my child? We had been working on it but She did the whole "week of potty training." So pretty much eternally indebted.
Speaking of potty training some child peed on the play bed mattress.  We threw it away on finding that delightful surprise today. There was no saving the mattress- it was one of those really uncomfortable thin ones from IKEA.  So uncomfortable that we made it a play mattress, if you know what I mean. I don't know who the child is, but I have my suspicions-  like every child that has ever played in the basement who doesn't wear a diaper all the time.
You can imagine that I feel much better now that the basement is clean. John vacuumed it.
Just wanted to celebrate my transition into adulthood. Maybe it's about time since I'm 30. Now that I'm official going to those parent orientations for Kindergarten next year will be no problem.

NaDell (October 7, 2011 at 4:16 AM)  

I figured out that if I go to your home page it will let me click on leave a comment, but if it's just the one new post, it won't. Just FYI.
Flooding in basements is no good. I hear that sump pumps help with that, but I'd just want to have everything possible in totes and on shelves. Sounds like it could have been much worse. Glad it wasn't.
Oh, those McDonald's toys lure kids in all the time. I keep the polly pockets, pet shops, ponies, and the official cars toys (and the BK Star Wars ones from a while ago), but most of the rest we get rid of. I just like having some cheap ones to take places with us that I don't care about accidentally leaving.
Sometimes it's nice to have a break. Lucky you have someone close-by who can (and will) watch your kids. That's fabulous. I am always tired and even more when I'm pregnant. I just wish I had someone willing to take these kids from me for a few days....

janaemadsen (October 7, 2011 at 9:21 AM)  

I wish I was close enough NaDell :-)

kathryn (October 7, 2011 at 10:25 AM)  

Your post made me feel tired! That's a lot of work cleaning out a flood and sifting through the toys. I think anyone pregnant deserves a mini-vacation. That's really nice of your aunt and uncle. Isn't is fun/crazy that Danielle and Anne will be in kindergarten next year? I loved the scripture story from Danielle. That's so funny.

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