Friday Randoms

Today is Friday. awesome. I think I'm going to make it. Even though last night when I was trying to list things on Etsy my power went out which bummed me out and today the site is down. This will not help my plan to support my family through baby blankets.
not so much making it- my budget. One of my most hated budget items is that whole income thing. While John is still in school it doesn't seem to be in the positive very often and lately things are a little too sketchy for me to handle. Sometimes I just wish my parents were really super rich. Wouldn't that be awesome? I wish we all had rich parents who wanted to buy things for their kids like working cars and zillions of lessons and cute clothes.
I am just saying that I also dream that my mom will win publishers clearing house. like today. Second dream: sell tons of baby blankets and figure out how to get people to hire me when I'm super pregnant. I guess I'm not the picture of energy. Actually I really wish I was napping right now. Naps are the BEST!
I'm pretty sure that I am glowing though, even if that one lady from church told me I seem to be a grouchy pregnant lady. She's lucky about my rule not to yell at people when I'm pregnant. OK my rule to try not to yell.

I should give my husband credit for working his bottom off. People like to do that on blogs. He does great in school and works tutoring for SAT, MCAT and GMAT. I try not to brag because when I read some people's stuff I think to myself- why does this not even resemble who they are when you talk to them? It's like the more angry they are with their spouse the more sweetness they squeeze into their blog posts. Like they are forcing and or inventing stuff. Have you ever thought that?

these glasses actually belong to Elijah, Mark's cousin. I love this photo.
Danielle went to the pumpkin patch with her preschool.  She is doing a cookie fund raiser right now if you want to buy some :-)
Danielle discovers new things she loves every time she visits Sara- she loves pumpkin muffins and disappears into pony land with Maya as soon as she gets there.  They had a contest to see who could be dressed the fanciest.  I loved it. I discovered Bakery story, a clever little baking game for smart phones.

People keep asking me what I will name my baby. John says I should tell them Jackal.  Oh the old classic name, Jackal. Actually in the baby name book.  My grandma said we could name the baby Edward if he was born on the 11th like my grandpa. I thought then I might have to change my name to Sara to let her know I was really trying to take over her life. Some time in the next few months I know we will make it through the baby book. I'll still never be one of those "refers to my fetus by the name we have had for years" people. The thrill of picking baby names is too much for such an early commitment.:-)

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