Scripture Stories

Danielle was recently asked what her favorite story in the Scriptures was.  She replied that she liked it when Pinkalicious and Jesus hung out and went to the park and played on the swings.
I wish I had access to this Bible she is reading- because quite frankly it sounds awesome.

Also awesome, Danielle being adamant about the Easter Bunny being the most important part of Easter. Because you get Candy.
Danielle knows what she likes.

We decided on Daniel in the lions den.  I suspect she thinks she has the same name as Daniel. I didn't realize how much I liked the name Daniel until we were looking through the name book and I marked it.  You can't have a Daniel and Danielle in one family.
Maybe I should be reading the Scriptures to Danielle more.
Or get those super hideous videos about bible stories where they change the stories. I hate those things. But I also don't like lots of kids shows.  Like any kids shows.

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