Evolution of My Garden Lettuce.

Step One. plant enough lettuce for about 10 families to eat solid for a month. I thought about what we were eating and we really ate a lot of Salad so it seemed smart to plant it. I got lots of varieties. I like spinach and John likes mixed greens. I think I had over one flat of salad.

Step Two. Put it in your plant greenhouse. I built a little indoor greenhouse with wire shelves and plant lights. It lived by the window. I watered them. Danielle watered them. we loved our plants. Except the 20 that died because I guess they didn't like the peat pots I put them in.

Step Three. Mark.
seriously. some days at least four plants died before I caught him. The fist is faster than the running mommy.

Step Four. Mark again.

Step Five. And again.

Step Six. Move your garden outside. some of the few remaining plants didn't make the transplant. I guess the Mizuna thrived in the move because it suddenly is on steroids. Should I be skeptical about a plant that bugs and bunnies avoid? I don't know.

Step Seven. go the the local Nursery and buy some more lettuce. Plant it. I had to pull out all the clover from the BRAND NEW bed. Since then I've weeded more clover. Sometimes I wish clover tasted like lettuce. I'm really good at growing it in my grass and if it was lettuce I could get my daily salad EASY.

Step Eight. Mark. He helped in the garden while I was transplanting plants.

Step Nine. Bunnies. It seems as though even though I try to water every day and get rid of weeds I forgot to bunny proof my backyard. I realized this the other day when our secret bunny deterrent named Austin went flying after them. I don't think Austin would ever be fast enough to actually catch a bunny. and what would he do with it if he did? Lick it probably. He just wants to catch them to say hello. He must really feel unloved that all his potential yard best friends run away from him.

Original Plant Count: 75
Final Plant Count: 5 Mizuna and Hopefully 1 spinach, 1 organic lettuce and four leaf from the nursery. I say hopefully because at this point they are only feeding the bunnies.

You are probably thinking- wow she is a fantastic gardener I wish I could be like she is.
I think it's cheaper to buy lettuce at the store.

sivab (June 6, 2011 at 10:34 AM)  

True Dat!Incidentally it is also a lot cheaper and less traumatic to buy eggs.

Carlie Madsen (June 6, 2011 at 4:13 PM)  

Maybe you could trap the bunnies. I bet it is more expensive to buy rabbit at the store. Do you think Wegemens carries rabbit? Did you know there are Wegemens in DC :) We should catch up soon!

Mel (June 7, 2011 at 7:25 AM)  

Hey, you're doing better than me. I couldn't even get tomatoes last year-- what few started to ripen, the squirrels stole. That was my one and only attempt at urban gardening. (Well, this year we planted a fig tree, so we'll see. But I'm definitely done with tomatoes.)

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