A List...

Today I went to a "marker party" which turned out to be just me getting free markers and white boards.
needless to say, it ruled.
as many things rule.

Five things that Rocked This week.

  1. Marker Party- hello free markers. Washable ones too.
  2. Danielle playing in the sprinklers. It is super fun to watch- remember doing that as a child?
  3. Swings- every kid loves swings. when no one came to walking group we just played on the swings and the kids were super happy.
  4. Having a dog that eats crackers off the floor when the kiddos leave them lying around. This is a really nice dog feature. I think it might make up for the hair feature but I don't know yet.
  5. Listing new things in my etsy shop. I like feeling more organized. Like the other day when I finally managed to put all the laundry away. and then washed more...

Five Things that Didn't So Much Rock..

  1. still throwing up and feeling nauseated all day. rude. Ok I don't throw up every day, just a few times a week. I pretty much never threw up with my last pregnancies
  2. Mark can't share a room with Danielle because he just bites her non-stop. also he likes to scream for fun. and when he's angry.
  3. Going to the ward "walking group" where no one came. so many ladies who say they want to work out... OK I guess it did rain later.
  4. Bentley coming back on the Bachelorette. I'm over that already even though it hasn't happened.
  5. Headaches. I get them most days- I have allergies. whatev.

Mrs. Dr. (June 23, 2011 at 9:15 PM)  

Sorry to hear that you're feeling so sick. I'm right there with you with the Bentley thing. I'm just glad that all of the other guys are going to be seriously pissed at her about it.

kathryn (June 23, 2011 at 11:59 PM)  

You're kids are so ADORABLE! Mark looks so big! I love it when the kids play in the sprinklers too. I also love doing laundry and putting it all away. It's not so fun to do laundry and then not put it away and then it gets dirty because people sit on it, eat on it, throw it on the ground--you get the idea, and then you have to wash it again. Such a waste of time... I'm sorry you're feeling sick though. Morning sickness stinks--big time! Do you feel boy or girl vibes?

Carlie Madsen (June 24, 2011 at 12:18 AM)  

Sorry about being sick. I LOVE my whiteboard and markers. I've been watching the Bachelorette; Bentley is bad news. LOL. Your kids are cute!!

NaDell (June 24, 2011 at 1:32 AM)  

I loved our Expo party. Free stuff that keeps kids busy is always awesome!
Your kids are so cute and getting so grown up!

"It's for fun..." (June 24, 2011 at 8:38 AM)  

I really am quite sorry about Wednesday. I would have come out and walked with you if B had been up. I didn't want to go and have the same thing happen, no one shows! But I'm sorry I made it so you were the only one for real. But these markers pretty much rock and I'm thinking B wont' get to use them, just me! :) hehe

BrittWilk (June 25, 2011 at 10:03 PM)  

um... you're PREGNANT again!! i'm so excited for you! hooray! except for that sick part. i hope it goes away soon.

and i'm with you on the dog as a vacuum cleaner. my best friend has a dog and while i was trying to find a towel to wrap around emery so she didn't get crusty garlic bread crumbs all over the floor tilly had already licked them up! wow. almost makes me want to get a dog. but it doesn't. there's that hair thing. and lots of other things for me.

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