Sunday Thoughts: father's day

Today is father's day. Or as I like to think of it- second string mother's day. Since I've decided I can't go to church today I'll never know if the dads get flowers for pens with flowers on them like we did. When I was growing up sometimes they would get candy. No moms ever got candy though. When I was younger the candy seemed cooler but now I want the flowers. I love putting flowers in my yard. I imagine some years it was like my birthday when they went to church thinking they were getting a prize from the prize jar in primary but they weren't. Mother's day was always ruining my birthday- even when it wasn't on my birthday it was ruining my at church prizes.
anyway I like my dad in all his crazy advice giving glory. I liked working at his law firm when I was growing up.
and I like my husband. He likes his kids and always spends lots of time with them. Everyone in his family seems like they are super involved parents. I think that is rare for Mormon men- it seems like culturally they practice ignorance about child rearing and don't know their children. I seem to be in the minority that doesn't worry about leaving their children with "their father." ANYWAY that's a separate post but I was always worried my husband wouldn't love our kids and I'm super glad he does. He has always helped take care of their physical needs and played with them and talked to them. He taught Danielle how to write her numbers the other day.
I'm glad he wants to take care of his family and wants to make a good living to support them financially. It's fun that Danielle wants to be a doctor someday- and a mom. We have two kiddos and they both love their dad.

I like to take pictures of John eating I guess.

Happy Father's Day!

NaDell (June 19, 2011 at 3:55 PM)  

Mother's day and father's day gifts are never quite even, are they? We used to get a flower and the men got a big, huge, homemade plate-sized cinnamon roll. Lucky for me, Andy doesn't like those! He'd give it to me. =)
My birthday has had it's share of father's day too.
YES about dads "babysitting" their own kids. I hate it when people say that. Um, don't moms deserve time away? Yes! And it's not babysitting, it's called parenting!
Glad you got yourself a good guy who's a great daddy to your kids.

Carlie Madsen (June 19, 2011 at 10:58 PM)  

I got strawberry shortcake for Mother's Day (this was at my parents ward, and I feel my parents ward is particularly righteous (seriously)). Matt got cookies. So, I feel we were equal. However, I got a nice electric pressure cooker for mother's day, and Matt got himself some vintage ties and a special homemade meal.

kathryn (June 21, 2011 at 2:49 PM)  

Happy Father's Day to John! I think John and all of the other Madsen boys are great fathers too! I think men in our generation (including Mormons in my opinion) are WAY more involved in their kids day to day lives than any other time. Pete got a candy bar at church.

The Blind Spot (June 22, 2011 at 2:52 PM)  

John ist ein toller Vater! Alles Gute zum Vatertag. Ich muss aber sagen, dass alle Mormomen-Väter, die ich kenne, sich rührend um ihre Kinder kümmern (soweit es ihre Zeit zulässt). John sieht in seinem Kittel schon aus wie ein richtiger Arzt! Sei froh, dass der Vatertag in Amerika gesittet verläuft, hier in Deutschland feiern sich die Herren der Schöpfung (d.h. ALLE Männer, auch die, die keine Väter sind), indem sie sich sinnlos betrinken und wie Primaten auf der Straße herumgrölen (now you've learned a new word, I bet). Wenn das mal die Mütter zum Muttertag machen würden, na da wäre was los :)

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