Dance Recital.

Danielle is in a dance class. I think she likes it because she has friends in it. She also gets to dress up which is super exciting. And to top it all off- they got to dance ON THE STAGE this weekend.

It took days for this to happen. Day 1-John went with Danielle to the practice. I can't tell you how glad I was that John went with Danielle. So many excited moms can get a little overwhelming. I feel bad that I don't get to talk to people but I always feel like you don't really get to talk that much anyway. Plus I hate driving and it's easier to stay home and make dinner.
But I really wanted to see Danielle- she is so adorable and she wanted us to come see her dance on the stage. I didn't want to get guilted about not coming the night before. Not that anyone actually cares, but sometimes I just see all those excited moms and feel a little overwhelmed.

I went to the practice. I didn't really go talk to anyone at first since I haven't seen people in a long time and I thought it would start at the time the flyer said. OR ONE HOUR LATER. I forgot to bring paper. My cell phone died. I realized I forgot to get prizes for the girls in Danielle's class. One of them had a box full of bags for each kid in their class and personalized chocolate suckers. Why didn't I think to get ballerina colored suckers? Or the optional flowers for the girls after the performance. Sometimes I wonder if parents realize the reason their child "loves it" is one part sparkles and ten parts you being excited for them and finally paying attention to them. The other day I realized Danielle doesn't "love" gardening as much as she loves doing something with me. anything.

Yesterday I wished I had ever watched more than ten minutes of toddlers in tiaras so I would know how to talk to the moms. Also maybe I would be better at doing hair. I wondered if the other mom's wouldn't want to talk to me because my child doesn't have a neat curling iron bun. Or her own set of dance makeup.

Also my child picking her nose and eating it right in the middle of the performance wasn't the most graceful thing ever. Or trying to chase the curtain as it was closing so she could still be the center of attention.

Most of the kids didn't know the routines. at all. But they were adorable. A really nice mom lent me some bobby pins so Danielle's hat would stay in place. I wondered why I was the only one who felt like I was in a strange land. I have friends who have their children in the class. Maybe this is just one more step in to the world of being an adult that I'm not ready for. I wanted to let my toddler run to the stage.

I already have the kids who want to run on the stage and scream in church. I guess the other day Danielle planted herself on the floor in sunbeams and didn't want to get up. I'm just not ready for the moms who are living their dream of being a ballerina through their perfectly scheduled children. Not saying that everyone is like that... Some days I don't feel mature enough for the mom world.
Like when I tell my friend I can't believe I paid to do this and she says she lives for the recital. it is better than Christmas.
Or like when I am waiting FOREVER in an auditorium with nothing to do. With people who don't seem to notice the wait time is getting excessive.

I am officially old now. Going to my child's performance. In a class I paid for her to go to. Well that John paid for. Danielle was so happy we got to see her dance. I sort of thought it was great, which made me question what type of mom I will be even more. Maybe I will fill her four year old life with as many classes as I can and stop letting her watch kid shows.
I would probably feel like a better mother if I did.

She was sick for the actual performance. It was sad.
maybe that's why they need so many rehearsals.

janaemadsen (June 18, 2011 at 6:36 PM)  
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kathryn (June 21, 2011 at 2:54 PM)  

I bet Danielle looked adorable up there!

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