Sunday Thoughts.

John cleaned the whole house while I was gone. Also I feel like the second Mark and Sara arrived their house was clean.
the second they arrived.
and it wasn't me doing the cleaning. Every time I visit them a few things have happened.
1. They have completed another repair project. This time they had a chicken coop and a shed. an AWESOME shed you can't see from the street. How the heck did they build it? Also they had a little stepping stone area and landscaped area in their yard. Judging by the speed with which they dispatched the mess I left their house in (I tried but those last four hours before the kids went to bed undid all the work and I just lost my motivation) I think their home projects took them about two hours.
2. Eddie speaks you know. I was wondering if he just mumbled and then as soon as his parents came home he came in and talked to me. What. The. Heck. I literally thought he was just really behind in speaking but no- Eddie missed his parents and was giving me the silent treatment all weekend. I didn't feel as bad Sunday because he was talking to me again. A three year old who never speaks to you because he is mad at you is a terrifying thing. Eddie is pretty funny you know.
3. Six kids is too many for me. I felt like I was a zombie running around all day and Aida just explained everything to me. I swear all the kids went to bed without feeling bad when they didn't have Aida as a sympathetic listener. Maybe I am just paranoid though. Baby Mark wanted to stay up all night and Maya and Eddie woke up around 6:00. Mark and Sara somehow keep them in their rooms until 7:00 but I am not the young child whisperer so I didn't. They made it to their appointments on time (except soccer in the rain, which I skipped- still feel guilty) and I think all of them like their parents more at the end of this.
4. I would totally do it again. Sara said she wants to have a vacation where her kids go on vacation and she gets to stay home with Mark and I told her that I would come get the kiddos. I really would but Sara will never take me up on it.

Maybe because I blog about babysitting and I do such a shoddy job. Maybe her kiddos boycotted me, which I could understand. I was so excited about our house I wanted to play a game. and our friends came and we did. It was really nice. But some rodent ate ALL OUR STRAWBERRIES while I was gone. I was so sad. Danielle cried.
JOHN CLEANED THE ENTIRE HOUSE. I died a little of happiness. Now I get to go into the basement and work. the nice, not too hot basement.
and to top it all off I got a gift card to Home depot for my birthday. I'll be off spending that this morning. I do love the home projects. Maybe I'll buy some new plants- squirrels chipmunks and rabbits seem to keep eating ours.

Jennifer (June 6, 2010 at 1:43 PM)  

I'm glad you survived the supermom weekend!

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