Kiddos in Jersey

People warned me that six kids is a lot to handle. I gently reminded them that I can't really handle two children.
I found the school.
Aida helped me find piano lessons.
I called Sara to find dance lessons.
I found McDonalds. Actually several of them but we've eaten there once.
We have made it on time to things so far. Only one more soccer game and birthday party to go.
and two more bedtimes.
Maya cried when she was going to bed. So did Danielle- but she only wanted goldfish crackers.
There are no more brownie bars. Or bananas.
I forgot to pack any underwear for me. and I had to go buy diapers for baby boy since we are using cloth.
baby boy.
oh baby boy- why aren't you sleeping? Last night was straight out of my nightmares. I was totally ready for bed at nine when all the girls went to sleep- but baby boy wanted to stay up all night.
in the words of Harley- he is a bad baby.

My thoughts:
1. How the (*^!@$*&^ do people with six kids keep their homes clean?
2. Potty trained boys- yeah. Do I have to clean up the bathroom before they get home? No wonder Jana ripped her whole bathroom apart after it was done.
3. Does anyone else have a baby that is immune to the cry it out method? How long can he possibly cry before being ready for sleep?
4. I am glad I don't have to do anything for those chickens. No one with six kids should have chickens. Unless they also have a Lucy to care for them.
5. I love my nook. More than anything.
6. Aida informed me that I could load the dishes last night. Thanks Aida for reminding me not to put it off until the middle of the night. I think she will be a more responsible mother someday.
7. I love my baby but he is the fussiest when we travel. No I don't want to hold you all day. The second thing I forgot was the baby carrier.
One day down, two to go.
oh dear, Sara reads my blog...

Danielle (May 28, 2010 at 12:51 PM)  

Oh my! Six kids? I think you are doing pretty well... I would have a total meltdown by now!

Good luck!

sivab (May 30, 2010 at 9:59 PM)  

Thanks for watching the kids I know it isn't easy. Aren't you glad all my kids aren't "spoiled"? There's a little rumor going around...

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