Sunday Thoughts

Main Sunday Thought: I finally worked up the nerve to ask if I could stop being assigned to visit that one cat lady.
If you can't clean up after your pet AT ALL, please find a new home for your pet, especially if that pet is a cat because they get smelly.
What I wonder if I should say: If your child looks that much like a skeleton because you weaned them, probably it is too early and you should let them nurse. Better to have child that nurses a long time than have a child with failure to thrive.

I made a friend today. It was nice. Also nice to finally feel like I know what I should be doing right now.

Today I went to church. I was really proud of myself for staying. And it was pretty calming which I liked. Also Danielle peed on her sleeve when she went potty and I almost died- I scrubbed it out in the sink and used hand soap to wash it a little because I didn't have a backup outfit and Danielle wanted to stay for nursery.
Oh so many thoughts this Sunday: Mixed, Happy, grateful- and a little bit sad that the battery to my portable device died so I couldn't distract myself with it at church.

Cloth Diapers: OK so I've got to think of something new here. I thought my house smelled funny. It was the diaper bucket. The disposable liners seem to move around a bit in the flip diapers, which I like for the cloth but not disposable.
I have never felt like I was doing so much laundry only to discover I have a room full of dirty clothes.

One of my new years resolutions is officially over- We parked a car in the garage. John helped me move the cement pallet to the side. Turns out moving 30 cement bags is hard work.

Scranton is a funny city to show people around. I can't believe I got to see my friends from Germany! It took Danielle all of two seconds to locate the candy they brought me for my birthday.

This little guy is finally sleeping through the night. I don't know how people survive with children that don't sleep. Good thing he was so sweet. Still don't know if I will survive having any more children but that's OK.

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