1. Thanks baby Mark for sleeping last night. He slept from 1-5 and 5-I don't remember when. I had to wake him up to eat again. I guess he was tired from two days of us trying to keep him awake so he would sleep at night. The world feels a little better.
2. Thanks again for baby Mark eating his first real meal of rice cereal. He is teething and acts funny sometimes when he is eating so tonight I tried giving him cereal. It was so messy and fun. Danielle NEVER let me feed her. He was excited. I hope it doesn't upset his stomach. are you supposed to give them water if you are feeding them cereal? mark was super cute.
3. Thanks the Bachelor for keeping me company tonight. Seriously just when the flip flops and flannel disappear out comes the turtleneck. and the never ending chain of leather bomber jackets. I guess the same people who liked top gun watch this show. But I didn't like top gun....
4. Thanks Christine Jones Photography for sending two extra cards with my small order. TWO! I was thrilled. I ordered an iris print for our bedroom- and the other flower picture is one I took that is also on the wall.
5. Thank you Pretty Pea Pod for making Danielle such a fantastic purple panda hat. It is really well constructed. Danielle needs hats lately since it is FREEZING here and I love this hat- the picture is in the last blog post.
6. Thanks everyone who comments on my facebook updates. I know linking twitter and facebook is probably annoying, but I like comments. Also I love blog comments. Thanks to everyone who leaves comments
7. Thanks Claire for motivating me to run and being so positive even though I am terrible at it.
8. Thanks Zadyball for participating in the Etsy Baby shower. I can't believe how generous she was. She asked me the colors of our nursery and custom made Baby Mark and lion ball. Now it is available in her shop. Mark loves his toy- it rattles and has things for him to grab and suck on. The ears even crinkle. I am astonished at the generosity people have to help with kids and give presents to others. I love presents- especially this one because it was awesome.
9. Thanks Melissa for watching my kids on Saturday. John and I went to the vegan cafe and talked. After one of the worst parenting weeks ever it was nice to just be with my husband. Then I came home and MELISSA CLEANED MY HOUSE! I was thrilled.
10. Thanks Jen and Steve for playing games with us. and Kenny and Rivkah for playing and going to chuck e cheese. FUN TIMES!
11. Thanks Paula for watching Danielle and Mark so I can go to the gym once a week without kids.
12. Thanks everyone for supporting my etsy shop. I'm trying to earn enough to pay for our power bill this month. I don't know how to make goals or promote a shop like that so I'm open to ideas. This is my first etsy sales goal ever. Wish me luck! The baby shop has new items in it.

This last week was really hard and also really good. When you don't really sleep at night you get a lot done actually. For instance our basement is sort of clean and the upstairs is clean for the first time since we moved. I put up pictures on the walls. It's all starting to come together.
Mark wants to tell you that sometimes rolling over is so exciting you have to spit up.

Shraterman (February 2, 2010 at 1:20 AM)  

Sounds like an awesome week, lots of work, lot's of stress, and you still pulled out of it alive and looking up. More power to ya! Party on Janae, and keep posting the pictures of your cute kids!

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