Baby Mark loves to eat his rice cereal every day which is super cute. He wants to eat rice cereal at 8:00 P.M. Turns out baby Mark is in love with a schedule. He has finally settled down a little after over four months.
So we are recovering from never sleeping. I organized the basement in that hazy week. and made some new blankets for the shop. I really like the blankets with grey in them. This month I made a goal for selling things in my etsy shop for the first time. Not doing very well so far. I don't know anything about sales goals but I am trying to get the shop more organized and have set up a few wholesale orders. I was thrilled when a repeat customer asked me to make a blanket for a girl with brown in it. Then I realized I didn't have any brown minky. The fabric came today and I already made a blanket. It is slow going with the kiddos.
In other news I got a Cheryl & Co catalog. I get these every now and then and I LOVE reading them. OK I don't think you can exactly read catalogs but I want things on just about every page. For example they have sugar cookies for Valentine's day that I think look pretty tasty. I would eat them. I keep thinking John might want some cookies for his birthday. I carried the catalog for a while and wondered why I got them at all. They are not really helping me want to eat healthy food. I realized why we got these catalogs yesterday- Christina sent us brownies from them when Mark was born. Fantastic present. and I was using a cutting mat she gave me for my birthday while I was sewing. She also got us an aero grow for Christmas. It is one of those herb growers with mini lights so you can have herbs year round- do you know what I am talking about? I have secretly always wanted one but would never buy myself one. Now I own one. Thrilling.
Good presents. The cutting kit she sent me was one I used all summer when she gave it to me- one of the best presents ever. I like presents that you want but wouldn't buy for yourself- like fancy foods from catalogs. Or indoor plants. My attempts to grow herbs didn't go very well, and is laying under the snow in a lovely planter. I also like presents that end up being super useful- like the cutting kit. Actually I love getting fabric and sewing things. I need to sew Mark some more bibs now that he is eating. He gets food all over himself because he doesn't quite know how to eat. Danielle never let us feed her without screaming nonstop. My kids are so different, and cute.
Now I will have to go set up that Aero grow as soon as the kitchen is put together again. Or maybe if it is ever put together again.

Rachelle Sharp (February 4, 2010 at 2:45 AM)  

I love all kinds of presents and you described some awesome ones: a cutting mat and cookies. Except cookies would ruin my diet. Love the pics along with this blog post, especially the one of the cookies, er, baby Mark.

Carlie Madsen (February 4, 2010 at 12:25 PM)  

Yay for schedules. My neighbor is a baby scheduling queen, but Elijah seems to resist a set schedule. He seems to like routine, but things never really fall at the same time every day. I'm glad for yummy cookies :)

Chris W. (February 5, 2010 at 4:28 PM)  

Yeah - I read the cookie catalog too! But who buys themselves cookies from a catalog? You should just make them, right? Sending them to relatives though...totally okay! =)

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