Friday Preparations

John's birthday is Friday- what should I get him. He gave me a list yesterday. Here it is-

bday list 2010


iPhone 3G with no contract

a better weight bar

more weights

work out clothes

more 30 rock

pajamas for winter

A smaller backpack designed to carry a laptop

Awesome movies with german voice overs

Disney movies in german

Amazon gift cards

iTunes gift cards

I found a backpack at REI. It wouldn't get here in time. I wish there was a way to skip birthdays sometimes.

Oh wait- that is what gift cards are. Awesome- at least they will get here by Friday.

Or we could trade- I could get myself a bunch of stuff for my birthday and he could do his own. Here is my birthday list.

1. Insulation in the basement

2. Echino Japanese fabric

3. Minky fabric

4. Kate spade china setting

5. A new car. Just ask Sara to pick it out. (Ok I think it is a funny tradition to put a car on every present list. Probably it isn't.)

6. A serger

7. Something from Jonathan Adler

8. Tile in the kitchen.

9. mint meltaways. Santa did NOT bring them. I guess girl scout cookies are also good. I like the peanut butter ones.

10.White frames from the Pottery Barn.

11. Amy Butler Rug

12. Fleuvog shoes.

OK I don't know why it is so hard for John- just thinking of presents makes me want things. Oh wait- maybe he actually wants these things. I never catch him just filling up a shopping cart online to feel like he has things- if they are in my cart they are a part of me.

What in the world should we do for John's birthday?

NaDell (February 2, 2010 at 5:05 PM)  

I say just go out to dinner and buy him a DVD, but that's because that's probably all he really wants. I bought Andy a frame for the picture I bought him years ago. He made a frame for it, but it fell apart, so I bought a new one. Yeah, I'm real romantic. =)

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