Greetings from the Pillow Triumvirate

I thought the idea of a pillow triumvirate was super clever the other night as I fell asleep. I love sleep and I love pillows. Someday there will be an all body pillow- so you can lay on your side and put your arm out and have it be high enough that you shoulder never hurts.
get on that, people! I remember my brother in law has a sleep disorder so he had those elevated pillows like fancy ones that I look at in sky mall. They looked awesome. Jealous! Awesome like after you have a baby and get to move the hospital bed all around so your head and legs are elevated but you are still laying down and your arms get to rest on those awesome side parts. Give that bed a better mattress and I might have a hard time leaving the hospital. I guess I shouldn't be jealous but if I was my sister I would totally try to take naps with my husband's fancy pillows. Which is rude.
I dreamed about my etsy shop last night. I worked on listing new prints for a while after baby went to bed. His schedule is switched around but I still find myself getting lots of energy after about 10PM and I can't really fall asleep. I guess after over 6 months my sleep schedule doesn't want to budge. Danielle seems going through the infant adjustment period. Since they were never awake during the same time Danielle didn't do much at first. People would ask me how she is adjusting and I would say that there wasn't too much difference. Of course even then that was a lie but Danielle seemed to like the baby and that's what people are asking right? She likes to need food every time I have to feed the baby and she likes to climb all over me too. Danielle has also learned something from Mark: screaming. Mark has this hideous pig squeal cry when he is mad. Maybe it is less effort since Mark seems to be all about conserving his effort. Enter Danielle screeching every time we put her in bed. Also not sleeping. How can a child possibly stay up until one in the morning and still wake up at seven? I'll tell you what, they are super grouchy.
And I of course am super paranoid about her being obese so I am trying to get her to sleep more. and we have started mandatory- run around the house five times before we do anything else times- OK she runs all day but I feel better about it and since I have to run with her she likes it. maybe this will help her sleep. She is UNBEARABLE when she doesn't sleep. I read an article about childhood obesity being increased in children who watch more than two hours of television and get less than ten hours of sleep. Terrifying. And what kind of mom lets their kid watch more than two hours of television a day? So we've been limiting it and Danielle has been painting with her aqua doodle a lot. It's nice except for the inevitable- Aqua doodle soaked with a whole cup of water and left on the coffee table which is peeling from the water- tragedy. So sad. Here's what we are doing about the sleep problem
1. we got her a lamp (she likes to have the actual light on but doesn't sleep and she will scream for hours if she doesn't have enough light on account of the monsters)
2. We don't play too much for two hours before bedtime. as in we encourage her not to run around.
3. We moved bedtime to 8:00- no later
4. She has a regimented nap about 12:30 after lunch- she only sleeps about half the time though.
5. I have been putting lotion on her more- she had sores on her legs from scratching yikes!
6. We re-washed all her bedding just in case I accidentally washed it with a non scent free detergent. Danielle has sensitive skin.
7. No candy after the afternoon. Oh clever Danielle you are getting around this one all the time.
8. The bedtime routine has stayed solid.
9. No TV in the evening.

also I moved brushing her teeth to a non-bedtime activity and have started a daily 30 minute reading time so she doesn't think you only read when it's bedtime. Yesterday wasn't perfect with the reading time but she took a nap and went to bed. When she tried to wake up at 11:00 PM John told her he would take the lamp if she couldn't go back to bed and it worked instead of invoking the toddler wrath.

I am trying to stop threatening her with bedtime. I wish someone threatened me with bedtimes some days.

NaDell (February 18, 2010 at 1:04 PM)  

It's always good to get the sleeping situation under control.
I, personally, don't see much wrong with kids watching tv as long as it is tv that they learn from. My kids like to play while they watch. I don't have cable, so they only have commercials during PBS breaks. After school lately they like to run outside because it is warming up on our side of the country.

The Blind Spot (February 19, 2010 at 3:03 PM)  

Janae, go to bed, now! If you don't go to sleep now, you won't get any candy tomorrow ;)

Tasha (February 19, 2010 at 4:07 PM)  

Janae! Your kids are so stinkin' adorable! I love reading your blog, and I hope you get some really good sleep this weekend! We should talk soon and catch up - or you guys should come to Germany, that would be a good option too. I love you friend.

Carlie Madsen (February 19, 2010 at 4:21 PM)  

I like your pillows. I learn a lot when Danielle watches tv. I learned you can out run a polar bear on a dog sled.

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