Baby Mark

Mark tells us he is not baby Mark any more.  Just Mark.  Not Marker, his most common nickname.
Just Mark.
he tells us by yelling of course, since that is his primary mode of conversation.
He decided last week to leap onto his face on the driveway.  That same day he leapt off the table onto his face.
I think he has finally decided he prefers to land on his feet, because today when he leapt off the bed he chose his feet.
I knew he would have a hard time adjusting to baby, because he was my little baby up until the day baby Andrew was born.  He loves Andrew.  he plays with him.
But wow I am ready for Mark to settle down and know that I love him.  I'm sick of the yelling. I'm sick of waking up in the middle of the night because Mark woke up.  I love cuddling him but not right after his nap if I don't brush his teeth, because wow that is some bad toddler breath. 
Mark has been going on the potty about half the time during the day.  I'm proud of him. But I'm frustrated with the screaming.  and the mass destruction.
He yelled at me for a solid month after baby was born. now he doesn't seem quite as mad at me.
My little man will be excited when he realizes he finally has a brother to wrestle with.

I'm glad my baby Mark will still cuddle with me, and that he is starting to calm down again.

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