I think Danielle might die of boredom when my sister leaves.  She loves her pink dog cutie and the puppy Penelope. She also loves cooking with Claire, and wants to wear glasses like her aunt.  Mark and Danielle put on the sunglasses when Claire put on her glasses to read stories.
I have no idea how I will ever get things done once she leaves.

She has cooked for me pretty much every meal. and bought more Panera than I would admit.
In other good news, Andrew slept six hours in a row.  For three days.
also, Claire is pretty stinking good at putting the kids to bed.
Just like I am.
She totally cleans non stop. I would be ashamed if I wasn't super happy.
I love my family, and it's nice for Danielle to see the person she got her middle name from, and to have help with baby while I sew for the etsy shop.

kathryn (February 11, 2012 at 8:56 PM)  

Sisters are awesome! I'm glad she was there to help you!

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