Dear life,

It's come to my attention that you do not seem to care what people can handle. I would even say you don't seem to give a flying rats ass. I don't even know where that phrase comes from. Is it the same place bat shit crazy comes from?
I remember once when I was rock climbing I put my hand in a hold with bat crap. Or some other type of crap. Who knew I would be nostalgic for that?
So at first I thought this might be different after I left my private hell Scranton but even my friend Wendy is sad this year. So we should probably work some things out.
1. I am sick of worrying about money. It's time to let my mom win the lottery.
2. John needs less to do.
3. This may be unreasonable but I would like to be able to eat as many cookies as I want without any negative results. We can compromise and just do girl scout cookies.
4.Why are the ads on my phone just a bunch of symbols? I think they are Czech. That is rude.

So life, let's be a little more reasonable here.I will settle for six hours of sleep and a cheaper power bill.

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kathryn (March 2, 2012 at 9:43 AM)  

That stinks! I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts and wishing the lottery thing goes well for your mom.

DC Diva (March 4, 2012 at 6:53 PM)  

I loved this post. Esp. your list of things you and life should work out. Amen! Oh you make me laugh Janae. Thank you!

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