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So I've been trying to update my etsy shop blog more faithfully. apparently people are more interested in my etsy dealings than my real life since it has more followers than this blog.
oh well! Matt and Carlie visited us. It was really fun. the less fun part was Danielle staying up almost all night screaming about seeing bugs. Until I realized what she was talking about- you know when you close your eyes and you have some after movement from light- do you know what I am talking about? She thought they were bugs.
I can imagine that would be horrifying. After she stayed up all night I was probably slightly less fun.
I get so anxious about John starting school- I have a whole page of summer house projects left!

It makes me want to cry.
Matt and Carlie have a cute little family. Eli pulls faces and it probably the cutest ever. I didn't get any shirts together for my etsy shop for him to model though, which totally bummed me out.

I was nervous to take their pictures but it was fun to go shopping with Carlie- she looks good in totally different stuff than I would pick out. At first I was like- really? But she can wear really "romantic" looking clothes. and she borrowed my awesome hair thing from Threadrare and my momma necklace from J Jill.


I got a little crazy with my month long trial of lightroom that I downloaded to edit their photos. What do you think?

Today (well actually I switched this with an earlier day but these things happen) I made some dish cloths in custom fabric for my sister in law Carlie. We made them together when she visited. She also used her made sewing skills to sew baby wipes for her cloth diapered baby. But we didn't take pictures of our projects together.
I still have the family pictures I took for them though. Their baby is terribly sweet. He plays peekaboo! He is so outgoing and has adorable big eyes. I have never met another baby that pulls faces like he does. It is fun to see how different he is than my little scowling baby- they are two days apart. I decided to post some of my favorite photos- who knows if they will be matt and Carlie's favorite. I am not a professional photographer but I did save all the money I made on Etsy until I could buy a nice camera. I switched from Cannon to Nikon because it was a little cheaper and I just can't get used to them. I want to go back.
I am not a professional photographer. I get scared that people won't like the pictures i take of them because I never like the ones of me. Except my sister Rachelle, who has significantly more experience and skill than I do, took some pictures of me where I look thinner and better than I normally do.
love that. I got a picture of Matt and Carlie kissing because they have pictures of them kissing like all over the world but I am too embarrassed to put it on my blog.

Carlie Madsen (August 17, 2010 at 2:43 PM)  

I love my photos!!! YAY! Boston's been crazy, and I may be out of comission for another week or so. But, then I'll make arrangements for getting them to me. Hurrah! Thanks so much for hosting us!

C (August 17, 2010 at 5:40 PM)  

I didn't know you were into photography---Although you have those cool pictures from Europe in your house-
These pics are really good!

So how's your trashy show?

"It's for fun..." (August 19, 2010 at 9:36 AM)  

SWEEEET pics! You can take Bronson's pics anytime!!! Those are awesome! Sorry you have more followers on etsy shop...well okay..no not sorry...just sorry you think nobody looks at your blog! I DO! So keep posting and I'll comment. Fair? Hope to see you soon! (Come see my cute baby!)

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