Dear Sister

Remember when you lost my flutter pony when we were growing up? I do.

Here is one you could get

or actually this one is the one you lost. It took a little finding.

I don't blame you for leaving my pony at preschool- it's just that I still want it back after all these years. I want all my ponies back. Probably mom gave them to one of the younger siblings. Where is the blue pony family that I played with? We all know most of the ponies were mine, and I only had three barbies. One of which one of my sisters ruined.

Do you still remember lost toys?

Carlie Madsen (August 5, 2010 at 8:13 PM)  

My sister had a mini pound puppy named Baby Missy. Baby Missy went missing around the time my sister was in 4th, and in 4th grade, my sister made a time capsule that she wasn't supposed to open until 10 year laters. So, 10 years later when we opened the time capsule, we hoped that Baby Missy was in the time capsule, but she wasn't. We think that my mom took her accidently after a secret toy purge, and she ended up at the DI. Whenever I think of toy purges, I think of Baby Missy.

I loved Ponies. Did you know I lived for a time in Ponyland. LOL.

Claire (August 5, 2010 at 10:30 PM)  

I'm sorry I lost your pony.

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