Good Morning

The birds seem to think it is the freaking best time of the day early in the morning.
I went to get a drink in the bathroom and the window was open.
bird cacophony.
remember when I got married and my husband had a parrot that imitated loud beeping noises in the house as well as voices? Turns out beeping and screeching at about 150 decibels is WAY fun. Also that it's normal that he started wanting to kill John and mate with me...
Anyway it's hard to sleep with all the BIRDS. I'll blame them today.

Good news for this morning-
Last Sunday John had his white coat ceremony. I'm so happy for him- his class tests are over. Now he just has to take Step One of the USMLE aka the worst and biggest test ever. I made him let me take a picture of him on that day and he made a face. My mom watched the kiddos so I actually got to see the ceremony. Turns out it's awkward to watch people put coats on other people- but I love looking at all the shoes. I never realized that I love going to events just to see what kind of shoes other people are wearing. It is mesmerizing.

so I'll be going out of town for a while so he can study. (also have you ever lived with someone studying for that? Not so much) It's time to retreat to Mark and Sara's. and My grandma's house but that's not the reason Danielle has been doing whatever I ask her to do for days.
Also good news: I'm bringing the fabric Jen got me for my birthday. We play games with Jen and Steven and they put up with our kiddos and my ridiculous impatience. Speaking of which I am SICK of not being able to get maple bars. There was one store with half rate ones up until a few months ago when they stopped having them. You never know how much you want a maple bar until you live in a place without them. Needless to say I am angry about it.
Not angry about: my precious fabric. I just want to hoard it. I have a spot where I keep the japanese Echino fabric and it's literally a little hard for me to ever use because I still want to own it afterward. For my pile. I'm taking it on vacation with me.
why do I feel awake two hours before the boy wakes up (around five) and never when he wakes up?

Carlie Madsen (May 24, 2011 at 11:03 PM)  

Congrats to John! Enjoy your travels :) Maybe we can make spudnuts someday, yum! Then we can make some mapple frosting. And, Mark is adorable!

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