Remember November

I miss November. It was not as cold as December is. I remember it being colder last year and I dread the cold. Last year our heating bills were so high that I wanted to die. I resolved not to have our house be very hot. Lucky for me it was warm in November so we didn't have to use a lot of heat. Danielle and I spent at least an hour doing yard work every day while Mark was asleep in the morning. Suddenly Winter has come. Luckily Danielle and I finished building our flower beds before the ground froze. We had a lot of time to plant the bulbs that were 75 percent off the price. We built two new flower beds. I'm hoping to have raised beds around the yard and use them for a garden when we live here- then when we move I can just plant flowers in them. I love raised flower beds because they are easy to work with.
Danielle collected rocks from all over the yard and we built a rock path. I leveled corner of the yard that was made up of yard rubble from the bricks and fence and sandbox problems.

Danielle has her own wheelbarrow. She loves it. She helps me carry things. She was very proud of our little path and the rocks. Austin was very happy to play with us.

and now our little flower bed is covered in a little bit of snow. and it is so windy. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons here in Pennsylvania. I wonder how winter will be.

kathryn (December 7, 2010 at 11:18 AM)  

You will have a beautiful yard in the spring with all of those bulbs! I love bulbs! They are the best when you are sick and tired of winter and you see a little green thing sprouting up. Danielle is adorable! When Anne saw the pictures, she said she wanted to help Danielle do yard work too.

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