Our blog is finally ready for Christmas- and our Christmas tree is up. We decided to only put up some of our ornaments this year. We also didn't put any of the ornaments on the lower branches of the tree. We've discovered exactly how high baby Mark can reach.

Merry Christmastime from my family to yours. Since my children stay up until past midnight and sleep past eleven I'm hoping they are able to sleep in Christmas Eve. I'm sad that we will have new years eve traditions because Danielle probably won't be able to sleep. Danielle loves Christmas.

I do too. I need to finally sew up my adventscalendar but it is living in my freezing cold basement. So cold. I can't go down there anymore. Actually when it gets really cold I don't even want to leave my bed. My bed is so warm and loving.

Mark likes to cuddle with all the blankets I make for my etsy shop and he wants to be the center of attention. He loves to sit on the canvas board and let me take pictures of him. He wants to climb on things- he can move Danielle's seat and climb on to the kitchen table. He is helping us get ready for Christmas- also by carrying ornaments that he can get ahold of around. He wants all the ball ornaments.

What have you done to get ready for Christmas and what do your babies want?

Carlie Madsen (December 14, 2010 at 11:54 AM)  

Mark is so cute. Merry Christmas. My baby loves to rub his face in blankets, but I'm not trying to sell them. Lately, the weather has been okay...not terribly cold...except when we were super sick (maybe that was the fever). Elijah really likes the Christmas lights, and we realized it doesn't make a difference if it is outside at Temple Square or inside at Kmart, he likes the displays just the same. So, we haven't yet ventured to see the lights outdoors. Maybe after finals :)

janaemadsen (December 14, 2010 at 1:18 PM)  

I always try to keep some of marky's blankets on hand so he doesn't steal the new ones- no one wants my babies face in their blanket, lol. It's challenging to take pictures. sorry you've been sick Carlie

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